Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pathetic Pawns Attempt to Claim the High Road

The pathetic pawns (liberal media) made a feeble attempt to take the high road today. Joe Klein a left wing nut case from Time penned a scathing editorial claiming McCain "Slimed the media for doing its job". Joe Klein is an idiot. He makes a feeble attempt at blaming McCain for the backlash caused by the media. The pathetic pawns were guilty of visiting and contributing to the left wing nutroots site and were caught up in the feeding frenzy surrounding Sarah Palin. The pathetic pawns attacked Palin based on outright lies. The pathetic pawns started spouting unproven and unsubstantiated claims concerning the birth of Trig Palin. Then when this line of attack was proven false the pathetic pawns moved on to attacking the 17 year old daughter of Sarah Palin. I find it difficult how the media could portray the McCain campaign was a negative campaign. Maybe that was true. But now the pathetic pawns have aided and abetted the most negative campaign ever seen. The Obama backed nutroots have a set of pathetic pawns pushing their unfounded and unsubstantiated claims that have been proven to be outright lies. Now the pathetic pawns want to claim the high road.

Campbell Brown thought she was cute last night attacking a McCain campaign advisor. She was called on it and now the media has called foul. Never mind that the pathetic pawns fawn over Obama and never vetted him now they want to claim they were left out of the loop and never had a chance to vet Palin.

The pathetic pawns who have been in the tank for Obama since January were caught with their pants down. They were to busy following the messiah to even care about the McCain campaign. They did not think McCain mattered. In the minds of the pathetic pawns McCain was a non factor about to become a footnote in history. They had it planned. They were going into the convention and put a positive spin on Obama and Party unity. They were all set to attack McCain and push the lines of attack that McCain was like Bush. They never bothered to look into who McCain was vetting. They just assumed it would be one of the white old guys and they could attack him and no one would ever be the wiser.

However, McCain fooled them. McCain vetted Palin and McCain made a great call. The media attempted to call this a hail mary pass. But in reality it was a run up the middle. Now the pathetic pawns who were caught with their pants down decide they are upset that they were never told about Palin so they never had the opportunity to vet her. Never mind that they never vetted Obama and believe everything he says they felt that they were blindsided. They were not blindsided. This pick was out there all along. It has been floating around since last month. The problem is it never really made the daily nutroots crowd so the pathetic pawns never picked up on it. They were derelict in their duties and now they try to blame McCain for their failures. The pathetic pawns took the low road and are now scrambling to blame McCain for exposing them as the left wing propaganda machine for the nutroot radicals that will take our country down. Way to go.

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Cat in NJ said...

The selection of Palin works on so many levels. She just needs to be thoroughly prepared for the oncoming attacks by the Obama campaign and, of course, the MSM. I get the impression she will be.