Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Pathetic Pawns Are Idiots

The pathetic pawns (MSM) have lost their collective minds. Today on the Politico, Roger Simon penned another sarcastic hit on the citizens of the United States. In the article Simon mocks middle America by apologizing for the media by attempting to claim the high road. Simon writes the questions that should have been asked. The problem is these are not the questions the pathetic pawns asked. The pathetic pawns did not ask "who is Sarah Palin". They spread outright lies. They did not ask about her record, they inquired about the sexual relations of a minor. They did not ask where she stood on the issues they spread smears and lies about party affiliations. They did not ask why she is qualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. They derided her abilities to be a mother.

So Mr. Simon please spare me with the innocent "WHO ME" act. It is a sham. The pathetic Pawns did not do their jobs. The became the tabloid media. The National Enquirer has more credibility than the pathetic pawns. Mr. Simon you claim Palin wanted the pathetic pawns to inquire about her family. You state she invited inquiries into her teenage boy who enlisted. So in your mind Palin's teenage daughter was fair game. What you failed to mention is that Track Palin is an adult; Bristol Palin is a minor. You and the rest of the pathetic pawns attacked a minor child.

The media has had a history of biased reporting and interfering with elections. Look at the 2000 election. You called the state of Florida for Al Gore before all the polls in Florida closed. The heavily Republican panhandle of the state had polls still open. You called this state in an effort to reduce the turnout in this heavily Republican Area. What did this early call do? It created a condition where there was really no way the Bush campaign could have won. Without Florida Bush was doomed. You knew it was close but you called it to reduce the turnout. This also in all likelihood reduced Republican turn out in the west as Bush would have already lost. The pathetic Pawns ruined that election and we will never know what might have been had you remained objective. Are you attempting to take revenge for your own mistakes?

In 2004, the pathetic pawns pushed forged documents as fact. Even after being caught red handed the pathetic pawns claimed it did not matter that the document was forged because they believed the story to be true anyway. How pathetic can you be?

Now you and the other pathetic pawns spread more vicious rumors and lies in an effort to smear the republican vice president candidate. You knew these baseless claims were false but you reported them anyway. The New York Times has already had to retract two claims. Here's a newsflash the damage has already been done and you know it and don't care because you smeared the candidate and alienated a certain number of potential voters against the republicans; voters that were sitting on the fence. You are guilty of libel and interfering with an election no matter how many retractions you submit.

Last night the pathetic pawns on CNN made sure to show the world that Palin was using a teleprompter. Funny how you never showed Obama using a teleprompter. Last night you made sure to show protesters. Never really saw much from the pathetic pawns on violence at Obama's convention. Even when the hooligans threatened to murder on of your own.

So please Mr. Simon get off your high horse. You and the rest of the pathetic pawns are criminal. You no longer offer objective reporting. You offer opinion in the form of reporting. The pathetic pawns are guilty of libel. You are guilty of dereliction of duty. You are guilty of going negative. You have violated campaign laws. You should all be in jail and be required to pay the American people restitution. By the way in Rasmussen 90% of the people believe you have gone negative in this campaign against Sarah Palin. What happened to reporting objective news that is important to Americans? DO you not believe it is important enough to Americans to report that you are nothing more than the propaganda wing of the elitist left? The pathetic Pawns are certainly the biggest idiots living.

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