Monday, September 1, 2008

Obama/Democrats: Elitists That Just Don't Get It

One thing has become obvious over the course of this election. Obama and the Democrats he leads are as a group elitists that just don't get it. Obama and the democrats have started the negative campaigning against Governor Palin. Admittedly none of the democrats really know Palin but that has not stopped them from the baseles attacks.

One of the biggest arguments against her is that she is another Dan Quayle or that she simply isn't experienced enough. This is easily debunked except in the mind of the elitist democrats. First Palin has executive experience. Not just as being mayor of a small town but as governor of the largest state in the union. Herein lies the elitist rhetoric of the democrats. While Alaska (626,932)has roughly the same number of residents as does Delaware (783,600) in the minds of elitist this is no where near the same. You see Delaware is in the Northeast corridor. It is a state surrounded by the Suburbs of Baltimore and Philadelphia. The state is an urban state. Delaware is a state that doesn't have those bitter gun toting religion clinging small town Americans.

To Democrats small town Americans are nobodies. They do not know anything. They are not as cultured or not as educated as the big city urbanites. See small town people are people that really don't exist. They do not quite understand the way the world works. Nobody from small town America could ever know anything about the world because they simply do not see the world from the elitist perspective. The Democrats consider Dan Quayle arguably the worst Vice President selection ever. Even though Dan Quayle had similar experience as John F. Kennedy. Who can forget the Lloyd Bentsen quipped "Senator You're no Jack Kennedy". In the minds of the Democrats JFK had the appropriate experience because he came from an elitist family. Dan Quayle could never compete because he was from small town America. Now the elitist are trying to say the same thing about Obama. Obama has been running for President for two years so he has more experience than a Governor from a small town State. Obama has no experience whatsoever and Biden comes from a small State but because they are urbanites they inherently know more than middle small town America.

This is why the democrats just don't get it. Americans want change. They see America as being on the wrong track. We have tried the status quo presidents. We have been ruled by the urban class since the turn of the last century. America has lost its moral compass and has become a materialistic country run by the elitist urban class. America is ready for a change. The only way America will see change is by electing people that understand average Americans. People that have been through the trial and tribulations that working class people go through everyday. Obama is a product of the Chicago political machine. Obama went to elitist schools his entire life. Obama is a typical ivy league educated elitist. His friends and his associates prove his elitist ties. Look at Reverend Wright, Tony Rezco, and Bill Ayers. These are out of touch elitists. Tony Ayers milked the political system for personal gain. Tony Rezco received taxpayer funding to become a slumlord in Obama's State Senatorial district. Bill Ayers is a domestic terrorist teaching revisionist history in a public university. Reverend blames everything that is wrong in America on "evil white people". Joe Biden has been in the Senate since he was 29 years old. Could he be more of a status quo candidate? Biden chaired some of the most partisan attacks in recent American politics. Biden does not work across the aisle and has done nothing but derided small town Americans. Biden preaches class warfare but doesn't understand that he is a part of the ruling elite. Both Biden and Obama are lawyers never really having to work for a living.

John McCain has also been part of the ruling elite. However, he represents another large state with many small towns. John McCain did not receive 5 educational deferments and a medical deferment to avoid Vietnam. No John McCain served his country. Sarah Palin is not from Urban America. She has executive experience and understands the pain working class Americans are going through. Palin was in a union and her husband is a union member. Palin and McCain are not lawyers and had to work their way up the ladder. They understand what it takes to take advantage of what America has to offer.

The choice could not be clearer. Americans want change. The ruling elite are a part of the problem not the solution. We need politicians that understand what average Americans are going through. We need politicians that have walked the same paths as middle America. We no longer can afford electing politicians that talk a good game from the elitist birdnest. We need politicians that have walked the walk. Obama and Biden represent the elitist ruling class. That is why they insist on class warfare. McCain and Palin represent middle America and reformist agenda's. That is why they speak of opportunity for all. Obama and the democrats are elitists that just don't get it.

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