Monday, September 1, 2008

Obama/Democrats: The Do Over Party

The liberal left is ablaze today. The Daily Kos is busy spreading rumors about the child of Governor Palin. The left is attacking the 17 year daughter for taking responsibility for her actions. All the while their chosen candidate condemns responsibility and preaches the "do over" strategy.

What is meant by the "do over" strategy? It is a strategy where everyone gets to do whatever they want without ever really having to take responsibility. Today in an effort to rebut the lies that the left and the daily kos have been spreading Governor Palin announced her daughter is pregnant and getting married to the father. Bristol Palin is marrying her boyfriend and both are taking responsibility for their actions and yet the liberal left attacks her. How negative can you get? Anyway back to the topic.

Senator Obama equated taking responsibility as a punishment. As in he would not want his daughters punished if they got pregnant. Obama pushes his shallow view on abortion by saying without being able to have a "do over" his daughters would be punished. The left has been critical of Palin because of the rumor that her baby Trig may not be hers but that of her daughter. Of course this was a rumor spread by the lying left. But none the less Palin is a pro life mother of five. She chose not to take the life of a Downs Syndrome baby. No matter which side of the abortion issue one is on the facts and differences between Obama and Palin are clear. Obama would not support BAIPA because it would put the doctors through too much work. Obama essentially committed conspiracy to commit murder. How can I say this? Well Obama would not support a bill that would protect the innocent babies in event a doctor botched an abortion. It does not matter if a baby is born alive (we are talking living breathing babies not fetuses) because that is not the wishes of the mother who wants a "do over". Obama is against capital punishment, which punishes the guilty, but is all for allowing the innocent babies to die without medical care if they are born alive. The choice between Palin and Obama is clear. Palin demands responsibility and takes responsibility. Obama wants a "do over" with no consequences because taking responsibility is a punishment.

Of course the "Do Over" party does this in all facets of life. Look at their mortgage bailout program. They scream about the mortgage crisis and demand that people are given a second chance without taking responsibility. The faithless borrowers signed legal contracts but when the terms of the contract were enforced they wanted a "do over" at tax payer expense.

Yes the left is ablaze today trying to criticize the Republicans. McCain and Palin take responsibility and do not ask the tax payers for a "Do Over". Obama and Biden believe responsibility is nothing more than a punishment. To them there should be no consequences for their actions. For if something goes wrong all we have to do is provide a "DO OVER". The choice is clear.


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

The Demockacrats aren't just the "Do Over" party.

They're the "Done, It's Over" party.

HeyJude said...

Great observations! The contrast between Obama and Palin on the issue of life is stark and striking. And Palin's life choices make her a compelling candidate.

By McCain bringing Palin onto the ticket, the election is now really about change - accountability in Washington. That would be real change!