Sunday, September 21, 2008

Obama: Votes "Present" On Economy

This week the pathetic pawns have hailed Obama on his steady course regarding the economy. Obama's steady course is to allow the administration, Congressional Leaders, and the FED to develop a plan to solve our financial infrastructure crisis. Rather than lead Obama wants to follow. What this really means is that Obama does not have any idea of how to correct our economic course.

Obama is too busy deriding McCain for saying the fundamentals of the economy are strong. Of course this is being taken out of context making the statements by Obama outright lies. What McCain said was actually presidential. What McCain said was that the fundamentals of the economy are strong but we have some major problems that need to be resolved. What McCain said was actually leadership. McCain's words were intended to calm a jittery public and point out that there was work to be done to move the country forward. Obama on the other hand wants to institute the failed policies of the past. Obama is not smart enough to understand that energy is inherently tied to our economy. Even when you search Obama's website we can see just how shallow Obama's knowledge really is. He ties energy to the environment not the economy. If we fix energy we will make drastic improvements in the economy.

John McCain developed a six point plan to resolve the financial crisis. The democrats are attempting to say McCain is incoherent and all over the map. But the truth of the matter is that McCain pushed legislation to reform Fannie and Freddie way back in 2005. Obama voted against the proposal. Why? The fact is that Obama is in bed with the likes of Bank of America; the same bank of America that wrote the bailout of Countrywide. Obama was too busy taking in millions of dollars from CEO's such as Jim Johnson and Franklin Raines to bother with looking out for the country. The democrats have been asleep at the economic wheel for years. Now Obama says he wishes to wait for someone else to develop a plan.

Today on Fox the question was asked "Who has been more Presidential?". The answer could not be clearer. John McCain was in front of this issue since 2005. John McCain is ahead of Obama, ahead of the democrats, and ahead of the republicans. John McCain soothes jittery feelings and remains optimistic. Obama chastises McCain's optimism and remains pessimistic. Obama remains on his steady course of making the rich "Patriotic". Obama touts his tax giveaway as the end all cure all. When Obama is criticized he resorts to the gangland politics. Obama acts like a gang leader. He is thin skinned and has no ideas. When crisis hits Obama follows the leader. When crisis hits Obama votes Present. Obama is weak and ineffective. McCain is strong and optimistic.


Anonymous said...

On the economic crisis, Obama has got a serious problem, timing. He has to flip-flop, now or never.


Anonymous said...

We also need a sensible energy policy not the Nancy Pelosi shipwreck waiting to happen.
If France can generate 60% of it's electricity from nuclear power plants why is this power plant option off the table in the Dem's new plan? We may need more electrcity generation in the future when all these plug in hybrid cars hit the roads !
We cannot afford those California brown outs that occured some years ago from lack of power plants and electricity demand!
Have drive by a wind turbine farm in Northern Wisconsin that was idle because of a lack of wind!
I'm a product developmet chemist working for a supplier to the printing industry.Petrochemical costs have skyrocked due to the price of oil thus impacting the price of printing inks,food packaging,coatings,solvents and a few other chemicals.We have to get the price of oil under control as it should have a big impact on lowering inflation.
What are the airlines going to do,switch to airships ?

Anonymous said...

Great post!!! Your comment about McCain being presidential and Obama being like a gang leader really resonated with me. Obama is not a leader-- he is all gloom, doom, hate, fear and he has no ideas of his own. I may not agree with everything McCain says, but at least I always know where he stands, and I always know he puts Country First. Obama, on the other hand, seems to always put Obama First.

Anonymous said...

Exact;y, Obama also did that to Hill, waited for her responses and then he copied them, no mind of his own.