Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Obama: New Lows

Obama always looked to immature to be president. Remember when he sheepishly flipped off Hillary in front of his supporters. Remember him mocking Hillary and brushing her off his shoulders. Remember when he claimed McCain had gone negative. Well, Well, I wonder who the public believes is the most negative now.

I now see the new lows that Obama is willing to sink to. Obama had his hatchet men in the liberal blogs spread lies. Obama had his propaganda wing spread these lies as truths. So what does Obama do when his air is taken out of his over inflated ego? Well he makes a bad joke.

Sarah Palin made a joke about the difference between a pitbull and a hockey mom. This joke was not personal but rather told the story about herself. Today Obama told a crowd about lipstick and pigs. This thinly veiled joke was sexist and inappropriate. This was a personal attack on Sarah Palin. I thought Obama the change agent was above that? Obama has truly sunk to all time lows with this blatant attack and sexist joke.


Many of the pundits are trying to say this is just an old saying and Obama never meant anything with it. This is obviously "Hogwash".

Watch the video. It is clear that the audience understood him to be talking about Sarah Palin. At a minimum that is how is cultists took it.

This comes on the heels of Palin's harmless joke. This comes after Obama sends his goons to dig up dirt. When the media failed in protecting him and getting the goods he then sends his goons and makes this sexist joke. Obama is scared and Obama did this to fuel the fire and bring in sexism into this election.

This Joke comes after Joe Biden says this is a backwards step for women.

This is how Obama and the left react to failed messages. They start name calling. Awfully funny that Both Biden and Obama would bring in lipstick jokes and than say they are not meant to mean anything. Does Obama really believe Americans are that stupid?


Anonymous said...

Look at the bright sight. He got caught.


Anonymous said...

He's sunk to new lows...right. Palin mocking Obama for being a community organizer isn't "low". The conservatives blocking questions directed at Palin because their "sexist" isn't low. Going full reverse on a ton of policies because you have to appease Conservatives, unlike the 2000 primary, isn't low.

I could go on but I won't. Palin made a lipstick joke, Obama poked fun at it with a lipstick joke. Only when he says it its sexist.

Grow up. When you get down to it, all of this Palin shit is just more excuses for candidates to not talk about issues, which will benefit the republicans.