Sunday, September 7, 2008

Obama: My Muslim Faith

Obama has more slips and facades then any normal person. Yesterday he made the Freudian slip and said he was president. Just now on ABC Obama said he had muslim faith. What is the truth with this empty suit?

This is what we do know. Obama attended a church for twenty years that preaches "Black Liberation Theology". Obama's Spiritual mentor preached racism and hatred. Obama has more than just casual ties to an unrepentant terrorist in William Ayers. Obama was registered as a muslim in an Indonesian school. Obama's spiritual leader has direct connection with the Nation of Islam. There are other connections and shady pasts but the bottom line is this: Barack Obama just said he was a muslim.

Barack Obama tried to correct himself but it is too late. The bottom line is that Obama has told so many lies and half truths he can not keep them all straight. Obama has made many gaffes during this campaign. These mistakes beg the question: How much does Obama really know and understand? He claimed he visited all 57 states and only had one left: Hawaii and Alaska. He made the slip that Biden was the next president of the United States. He made the slip that the small city of Eau Claire was a State. Yesterday he made the mistake of saying he was already President. Now today he claims his muslim faith. Makes me wonder what this empty suit really knows. I watched the interview on ABC and found a lot of errors and mistakes. I saw a man that simply was exposed for the empty suit that he is. Most of the questions on ABC were softball questions. Obama swung and missed the slow pitched questions. This interview made Obama look weak, uninformed, and out of touch.


Lew Waters said...

More and more it is becoming evident that Obama is just a charismatic front, a puppet, of some yet to be revealed group or person.

Anonymous said...

"had Muslim faith"

This might have to do with the Indonesian school document being now widely available.


Anonymous said...

get a life....your candidate has one leg in the grave already, we just need to give him a nudge..

and he has made so many flip flops (against tax cuts, now for it; against drilling, now for it; for immigration bill, now against it), has 160 lobbists in his campaign,

do you seriously want to wake up on November 5th and realize that nothing has changed and we'll have 4 more years of right-wing nutty disastrous policies

CKAinRedStateUSA said...

What's the problem?

Obama is simply one of those so-called Christians -- the CINOs, Christians in name only -- who believe that all paths lead to God. He's on record having said that.

Given that's clearly refuted in the Holy Bible, in the Old and New Testatments and the Gospels of Jesus -- by the Christ's own words -- Obama either doesn't know this yet after 20+ years of TUCC teachings; or his megalomania elevates him above the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, so he's decided to create his own gospel.

I'd like to think that perhaps there's some issue in hearing what he said, that he said "had Muslim faith."

If not, well, it was a slip that came from some truth so deeply hidden within him that few, if any of us, will discover, given the cloud of secrecy that hangs over him.

Anonymous said...

If being ridiculous would kill , you would already be in the grave explaining to God that Obama was a Muslim...good luck!
His school in Indonesia WAS NOT a MUSLIM SCHOOL ,it was an INTERNATIONAL school with a majority of muslim kids ( 90% of indonesia population is muslim)
Forget your "built in Freudian slip" on same subject, Omama did mean what he said ,ask someone of your entourage who knows how to read to -taking his/her time- explain to you what was said. Criticising is an art,when you don't know how to do it , it stinks big time.Hope you send me a T.U note since you will have learnt something out of your sucking prose.

The Lizard said...

No One said the school in Indonesia was a muslim school. His admission records there do in fact show he registered in the school as a muslim. Would you like to argue anymore?

I know for the weak minded who selected an even weaker candidate this has to be a bummer. I understand when your idol is shown to be a gaffe machine with no real convictions that is is painful.

If your messiah would just be truthful, honest, and forthright we may not have expose him for what he is: an empty suit! If the pathetic pawns (MSM) would have just done their job in an objective manner we may have had two candidates with substance. Obama has been weak and a gaffe machine for 19 months. Now you weak minded followers are upset that it has been exposed.

PN said...

You need to get remedial English education, Lizard. But don't feel too bad because George S. does as well. Obama was simply saying that unlike the other wingnuts who keep talking about his alleged Muslim faith, McCain has not. Even when George S. mistakenly corrected him, Obama explained what he meant to him.

It helps to stop bloviating and simply listen sometimes.

Good luck understanding the next English interview you watch.

The Lizard said...


I think do understand English. When someone says "my muslim faith" it is difficult to spin it any other way. Or was Obama speaking one of his many foreign languages and I just didn't understand "my muslim faith".

Bruce said...

No matter how the Obama Koolade drunk supporters try to defend him they can not bail water fast enough for this empty sinking ship. The only thing he has going for him at this point is the mainstream media who apparently want to destroy America to get this puppet elected. If just the thought of this guy becoming President don't send chills down your spine, you obviously don't have one. Use You God Given Brain and Vote for John McCain.

curiosityhasme said...

Let me give him a blank fourth grade map of the United States and have him label states and capitals....should be very easy for a constitutional law "professor".......will give bonus points if knows the state, Barry, this isn't an open book test.....this is within your pay grade........
tomorrow will be a civics test over CITIZENSHIP....yes, apparently you really need to bone up on that............

Anonymous said...

Great to see Obama finally admit this, even if he did so accidentally.
Won't change a thing though.
The voters drinking the Obama Kool-Aid by the gallons will simply dismiss this as a slip of the tongue gaffe that Stephanopoulos prompted him to correct.
Of course the key word "my" in "my Muslim faith" tells all and the fact Obama did not catch himself tells more because why should the real Obama subconciously correct a truth.

"So what's the big deal" Obamians are saying.

What everyone should be asking now:

How can we possibly know Obama's true agenda?

In what harm's way will this self-proclaimed national defense disarming, socio-marxist appeaser place our families?

CKAinRedStateUSA said...

A poster said, "In what harm's way will this self-proclaimed national defense disarming, socio-marxist appeaser [Barack Obama] place our families?"

In front of his families and all those to whom he owes favors, should he be offered the chance.

But, then, he won't be offered that chance, once the official results of the general election are known, now will he?

CKAinRedStateUSA said...

I meant that Obama would use our families as shields for his and those to whom he owes favors.

Anonymous said...

More and more it is becoming evident that Obama is just RIGHT FOR AMERICA, end the hatred and help your coutnry rise up from it's slaughter, the raping of our country by republicans stealing from the poor and giving to their rich friends.

Anonymous said...

It would be ironic and sad if the United States military had a commander in chief who had Muslim beliefs and hated American values. Obama said that words do matter. He said, "My muslim faith" because he meant his muslim faith. Obama is a good politican but does not seem to be a patriotic American.

Anonymous said...

What Obama meant was "My supposedly Muslim faith."

Instead he said "My Muslim faith."

By accepting the correction "My Christian faith," his sentence has no sense at all.

Is this a man we want to solve a world crisis, when he cannot solve a simple sentence gaffe?

Makes you wonder.

Matt Robinson said...

Manchurian Candidate, anyone?

Kevin Lockett said...

Ignorant fool, you just proved the point he was making: He's a Christian, you're calling him a Muslim, that was his whole point.

And Americans fall for it, hook, line, and sinker.

The Lizard said...


If you could read English you would find that I never said he was a muslim. I said it was a gaffe. This messiah can not keep things together when he goes unscripted. Obama is one big gaffe machine. Obama did say "my muslim faith" I am sure it was another awkward sentence he tried to get together. Obama makes my point everyday. He is not Presidential material.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please, Hussein said that remark like a moth takes to a flame; yes, that easy, because he is a Muslim. What really gets my goat is that during the primary and prior, all the liberal media was only dishing out "Can a Mormon become President" trashing Romney, while giving Obama a pass on this. The ignorant American people better take their heads out of the sand and see what's really going on here. Khadafy, Hugo Chavez, Castro, the Middle Eastern militant leaders, all support Hussein Obama - - see the common denominator here dumb people "You Are The Company You Keep." You think they make up those sayings just to take up print space? They have deep meaning. GO MAVERICK AND MISS KITTY!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel sick to my stomach that you people exist, and are so willing to pseudo-intellectualize something SO far out of context that you actually convince yourselves that it's true.

We ARE doomed, and it's because US people are complete fucking idiots.

Anonymous said...

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