Thursday, September 4, 2008

Obama: More of the Same

Obama kept repeating himself in his acceptance speech last week with the theme of more of them same in his attacks on John McCain. This week he claims that his running a campaign is more experience than Sarah Palin has running our nations largest state. So lets look at his lofty resume in running his campaign.

Running a government requires budgeting the taxpayers money. Sarah Palin balanced the Alaskan budget and even returned some of the money back to the taxpayers. Obama had a burn rate in July faster than he could take it in.

Obama this is not change. The Bush administration that Obama derides for wild spending and spiraling deficits and has the audacity to say McCain is more of the same. Yet the facts clearly show that Obama is a spend thrift that may not be able to sustain his campaign. Obama's promises to greatly increase our expenditures will only make a bigger mess than we already have. Obama the facts are clear: you offer more of the same spend thrift ways of Washington; while McCain brings along a Chief Executive that has balanced a budget and even returned a surplus to the citizens. McCain/Palin is change we can believe.

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