Saturday, September 20, 2008

Obama: Lost on Economy

John McCain laid out a comprehensive economic plan yesterday that would move our country forward. Today Obama says McCain is flailing. But the reality is that Obama has no plan to resolve our current financial crisis. Obama even admits he has no plan. As per Reuters "Obama said he would present his own detailed recovery blueprint once the Treasury and Federal Reserve plan is known, as McCain proposed a trust to intervene before financial institutions approach bankruptcy. "

A presidential candidate that would rip into McCain for having a plan while staying on the sidelines s sickening. A presidential candidate that says McCain is panicked for coming up with a plan all the while the chosen One is awaiting for the FED and Treasury to come up with a plan first. Who is displaying leadership? The candidate that presents a comprehensive plan or the one that is waiting for a plan to be developed.

Obama is absolutely lost in the crisis. Obama would like to say McCain is out of touch but Obama is the one having difficulty planning not McCain. I am not saying McCain has the best plan. What I am saying is that having a plan is essential to leading into the future. Waiting for someone else to develop a plan is following. DO we want a leader or a follower? The choice could not be clearer. If America desires a proven reformer capable of providing leadership McCain is the choice. If America desires a follower incapable of developing plans then Obama will get your vote. I am not sure about the rest but I desire someone that can lead and develop a plan for a way forward. Followers should stay home and do the cooking and cleaning for those that can actually make decisions. Obama is weak and ineffective.

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Anonymous said...

What Obama wants is to save his and his colleagues' skin.

It's difficult to see what he could say on the proposed legislation. The proposal is silent on their skins.

And maybe Bush will appoint a prominent Democrat to head the regulatory commission, a very important and prestigious job indeed.