Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Obama Is Hiding Something

What is Obama trying to cover up? Let there be no doubt that he is hiding something. Over the summer Obama's qualifications for the Presidency were called into question. In late August a lawsuit was filed questioning Obama's credentials. The response to the original inquiries and the lawsuit are evidence that Obama is indeed hiding something. I'm not saying he is ineligible; no I'm saying there is something in Obama's past that he is attempting to hide.

This summer when the questions first arose that perhaps Obama was not eligible to become President, Obama released a certificate of live birth. However, Obama did not release this certificate of live birth to the Pathetic Pawns (MSM) or through the FEC, or through any official channels. No, Obama released it though the daily Kos and his own fight the smears website. The fight the smears website is not the official Obama campaign website. Now this certificate of live birth became questionable. It appeared that it may have been faked or forged. So now we have a questionable certificate of live birth released through a questionable source and we are just expected to let go of the issue. The Pathetic Pawns are not paying attention to any of this and just accept that Obama is eligible. The Pathetic Pawns refused to even investigate or demand evidence of eligibility.

The late last month a lawsuit was filed by a Pennsylvania lawyer. Today was the due date to answer the lawsuit. Obama decided not to bother himself with submitting documents proving his eligibility. No, Obama decided to file for dismissal on technicalities. Obama and the DNC are refusing to come clean or show the required proof of eligibility. The constitution is clear on the eligibility requirements and Obama has failed to provide the necessary documentation through legitimate sources. The begs the question: What is Obama hiding?

Could he be hiding his real birth place? Perhaps not Honolulu but in a foreign country?

Could he be hiding that he lost his eligibility when he became a citizen of another foreign country? He did live in Indonesia with his mother.

Could he be hiding his religious identity? He was enrolled in a school that listed his religious faith as Muslim on the registration.

Could he be hiding evidence of who his father really was? Maybe he was born to Soertoro and really is not a natural born citizen.

We as a voting public must demand that Obama come clean. There is no reason that Obama can't show the world the documents necessary to prove his eligibility. The Pathetic Pawns need to investigate and come clean with us. They have a responsibility to be objective. We will know shortly if they have any sense of duty or if they truly are as corrupt as the politician they support. Let there be no doubt that Obama's actions regarding this issue are not honorable. These actions are not the actions of someone with nothing to hide. These actions come from the criminal mind and from people with something to hide.


Anonymous said...

Either he's completely stupid to handle the claim like this or he's hiding something.


Anonymous said...

Did you know that McCain was not born in this country either?

ztormtra said...

Please look at the facts before posting. John McCain was born of 2 US Citizens, one of which was a Military Commander, in the US Territory of the Panama Canal, which was legally a part of the US at that time.

Anonymous said...

Yes for McCain. No for Obama.

There is a legal opinion and a legislative statement as to McCain's situation. There is a motion to dismiss a request for information as to Obama's.

Why do you think McCain had this issue settled? To prepare the ground for another ad perhaps, not now of course, but in some days or weeks.