Sunday, September 7, 2008

Obama: I Considered The Military????

Today during an ABC interview Obama claimed he had considered military service. Obviously I do not believe a word of it. Obama has been running for President for 19 months. Never in 19 months did Obama ever come across as considering the military. In fact he said earlier during the primaries that he did not have an opportunity to join because Vietnam was over by the time he signed up for selective service and that the draft was over. When giving this interview during the primaries Obama never even provided an honorable mention of military service. In fact what he implied is that the only way he would have ever been in the military was if he was drafted.

Even today when he attempted to get one past the listening public he tied his consideration to selective service, Vietnam, and the draft. Obama was not very convincing when he stated today that he considered service as an option. Now to give Obama some credit he did honor those that serve saying it was ennobling. The problem is that Obama was not very sincere when it came to his statement today. He said that he considered military service. As proof he said that he had friends in the military and that he registered for the selective service. I'm happy that Obama thought it was important enough to follow the law of the land. Following the law of the land and registering for the selective service is not the same as considering entering the military. There is no record for Obama so we have to listen to his words. In fact Obama says listen to his words. I did listen today and his words rang hollow.


Anonymous said...

His novels, memoirs and speeches deal more fully with his interesting military experience: uncle in the attic, grandfather or uncle liberating Auschwitz, American soldiers scavenging for Taliban weapons in Afghanistan, Iraq, Georgia.


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

I have a pair of combat boots almost as old as he is.

And, no, not for a nanosecond, do I believe he ever considered service.

Though, maybe he did, given that he appears to have no friends. He might've found some real buddies there.

Who knows?

bobby Giola said...

Gotta agree, Obama seems strangely lacking when it comes to friends.

Of course how could such a superior being be expected to associate with mere mortals.

Anonymous said...

He mentioned an uncle that helped to liberate Auschwitz. That's really strange considering Auschwitz was liberated by the Russians ! Either he had an uncle who was serving in the Red Army or he is telling a porker !