Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obama: Disrespectful Of America's Heroes

Last night Barack Obama disrespected the sacrifices of our country's heroes. When Obama tried his "me too" approach to the wristband it failed miserably. John McCain laid out a touching and heartfelt story regarding the wristband of Matthew Stanley. Not to be outdone Barack Obama claimed to have a wristband also. The problem is that Obama could not remember the name on the bracelet. Barack Obama tried to make points with a shameful comment "I have a bracelet to". Poor Obama could not remember who gave him the bracelet let alone tell any type of story about the circumstances surrounding the bracelet.

This is very disrespectful towards the family and mother of the fallen soldier who's wristband Obama wears. The behavior exhibited by Obama was disrespectful of the fighting men and women of our great nation. Obama does not care about the wristband. Obama is trying to get cheap political points by wearing a wristband of someone Obama never supported.

George Bush in 1992 was castigated for looking at his wristwatch. Will Obama receive the same treatment from the pathetic pawns? Will the political pawns castigate Obama for not even knowing the name upon the wristband he bears? Will the mother of Ryan David Jopeck stand up and defend her son now that Obama disgraced her family's name? Will America defend our fallen heroes or allow Obama to give our rights as a sovereign nation away to the United Nations? Let there be no doubt Obama was disrespectful toward our fallen heroes last night. Let there be no doubt that Obama disgraced a grieving family.

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