Tuesday, September 2, 2008

MSM: Pathetic Pawns

The left wing propaganda machine just exposed themselves for what they really are: pathetic pawns. The ideological pathetic pawns were caught flat footed last Friday. John McCain decided he was going to bring change to Washington. The Democrats led by Obama lured the pathetic pawns in by spreading lies and rumors on the anti American Website the Daily Kos. The pathetic pawns followed hopelessly down the path of turning America against itself. The pathetic pawns started a war yesterday and they do not even realize it.

As the hate group daily kos poses as a progressive peace, love, and understanding group that favors liberal idealism the pathetic pawns were lured away from their duties. Today the pathetic pawns continued with the lies and hatred spread by the Obama led democrats. Last night Donna Brazille said it was fair game to attack a 17 year old. Wolf Blitzer continued down this path and chastised Bill Bennett stating that Sarah Plins daughter should be able to be discussed because it goes against abstinence only. Today Washington Post Opinion writer Sally Quinn attacks Sarah Palin as being unfit to serve her country because she was a mother of five. Never did Sally Quinn mentioned that Sarah Palin has been able to mange a family and professional. The New Times wrote three front page editorials personally attacking Sarah Palin and even spreading more false rumors. The New York Times lost another 30,000 subscriptions today but the attacks continue. The pathetic pawns are attempting to equate their top of the ticket dream to the bottom of the ticket queen. Palin has executive experience. Sarah Palin in fact has more executive experience than Obama, Biden, and McCain combined. However, the pathetic pawns again have fallen into the elitist trap and make the claim that running for office is far superior experience to running a State.

I could go on and on. Barack Obama chose the path of the staus quo in picking Joe Biden. John McCain chose the path of change in picking Sarah Palin. Obama was caught flat footed when he stated "change doesn't come from Washington it Comes to Washington." Well if the pathetic pawns refuse to bring this to light I will. Sarah Palin is the only one on either ticket that will come to Washington. The only way we will change is to bring in fresh new faces. I am tired of the status Quo. Obama doesn;t measure up. Even Dan Quayle had more experience than Obama. If the pathetic pawns had any common decency they would give this at least an honorable mention. Instead they claim Palin is Dan Quayle with an up do.

The pathetic pawns are pushing the story that Palin is a pandering choice. Well I say they are wrong. Sarah Palin is not pandering to a group of liberal feminists that believe the only women in the world think just like them. This is the very shallow viewpoint that will keep women down.

The pathetic pawns will be guilty of causing a civil war. The after math of this election will set race relations and gender relations back 100 years no matter which ticket wins. Lets all give thanks to the pathetic pawns.


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Pathetic pawns? No. That excuses their actions, suggesting they know not what they do, if I may.

They are active, calculating participants in overthrowing democracy and installing fascist Barack Obama, or whatever his real name might be.

And, indeed, regardless of whether BHO wins or loses -- and I do think he will lose, especially now, given how the Republicans and conservatives seem to have moved closer -- there will be racial unrest, perhaps riots. For those we have the OMSM and BHO himself to blame--and we should and hold them accountable.

What they've done and what they are doing, as well as what the Demockacrats, liberals and leftists are doing, establishes them as not just misogynists and misanthropes, but enemies of America and its people.

Cat in NJ said...

Of course it's not surprising to see the entertainment magazines, such as US, with a headline like "Babies, Scandal and Lies" under a pic of Palin and baby, while about two months ago, US featured a cover story on the Obama clan, as if they were your average, patriotic, honest and moral American family. It's sickening. Another magazine I will not be renewing.