Monday, September 1, 2008

The MSM is Guilty of Dereliction of Duty

The MSM is derelict in their duties. The media has been biased for far to long. Their yellow journalism must come to an end. Today the daily nutroot crowd was worked into a frenzy by creating and spreading outright lies. In an effort to dispute the lies Sarah Palin offers a compelling story that the allegations are indeed and false and as proof she tells the world a private personal story about her daughter being pregnant.

The left wing so called Main Stream Media took the bait hook, line, and sinker. In doing so they declared war on the American people. The media believes they have a story. In order to report the story they need to smear a 17 year child. In order to press their one sided biased viewpoints they have become a part of the conspiracy against America. On CNN we have Donna Brazille saying attacking the 17 year daughter of Sarah Palin is fair game. Wolf Blitzer of CNN continues to press the point trying to tie this attack to a viewpoint. Sally Quinn of the Washington Post just penned another attack on Palin saying that married women with children are not qualified. In Sally's mind only unmarried women or Hillary is qualified. I certainly didn't hear that Hillary getting all that experience in the whitehouse with Bill having an effect on their daughter. All the news networks are going around playing right into the nutroots hands. They are trying to portray this circumstance as somehow Sarah Palin being negligent in raising her children. I guess no liberal ever had a child run astray. Maybe that is why the left wants to legalize drugs. They can't keep their own children away from them so rather than admit they were negligent just change the laws. (Just ask Al Gore about his failures in raising children).

The so called left leaning main stream media has been in the tank for the left since I can remember. Every election cycle the left receives better coverage than the right. This happened in 1972, 1976, 1980, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, and 2004. The press just can't be far enough in the tank. The press has lost its ability to remain an effective news source. I used to believe I could cut through the garbage and find the news. But now I am not so sure. The press refuses to admit the surge worked and the withdrawal plan offered by the democrats would have been an utter failure. The press has thus far refused to vet Obama. Why has the press not inquired about the William Ayers connection with Obama. Why is it that MSNBC never got called on the Michael Moore praising God for bringing a hurricane into New Orleans during the Republican convention. Why did they give Dan Fowler a pass when it came out that he did the same. Fowler claimed it was satire when he was caught laughing at the potential victims in New Orleans.

Why is the media so hands off Obama and his campaign but are more than ready to start investigating outright lies about Sarah Palin. Why would they use a highly personal attack on a 17 yearold to pass their government knows best philosophy. Let me tell you I am against teaching sex education in school. Sex education is my job as a parent not the governments job in school. The government needs to stay out of my family's and my own bedroom. It is none of their business what gets taught to my children. The liberal school systems can't teach the basic of an education now they want to teach sex education. Our national scores in reading, writing, and Arithmetic are failing. But our liberal media sinks to having to teach sex education. The government needs to their job and I as a parent needs to do mine. The governments job is to teach my children reading, writing, and Arithmetic. I will teach my children social values.

The Liberal press is derelict in their duties and need to be exposed as the filthy liars they are.


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Respectfully, I suggest they are guilty of sedition.

They have shown themselves to be enemies of the people.

They have forsaken that which was invested in them, the responsbility to be the eyes and ears of democracy.

Their licenses should be taken away and their printing presses should be closed.

And, no, that is not a fascistic statement.

We need a free press, one that does not act as the mouthpiece of the likes of liberals and fascists, whether they're called the Democractic Party or not.

It's clear they have jettisoned their ethics, professionalism and accountability.

They no longer deserve to be in business.

But it is time for real journalists to appear in real news-media outlets. And ones that favor neither side, but stand as checks on all behaviors.

Jose said...

CNN won't address whether the Annenberg connection with BO and Bill Ayers does't merit scrutiny about how Obama squandered close to 150 million dollars to address education and not to mention his lie in his connection to an unrepentant terrorist. But we'll look at Palin's daughter under the guise of what it means regarding sex education. What a damn joke. As a former Democrat, I saw enough of this treatment on Hillary and decided long ago to vote for the Republican ticket.