Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Media Must Destroy Sarah Palin

It should be obvious to anyone with more than seventeen functioning brain cells that the liberal media are frothing at the mouth over John McCain’s choice for VP. Never in recent political history has a single candidate so infuriated the left-wing elite media establishment. Sarah Palin, before she had ever uttered one word as a VP hopeful, turned the liberal heavy media into a howling mass of drama queens.

McCain’s choice shocked and maddened a media armed and ready to take on either Mitt Romney or Governor Pawlenty had they been picked as VP. By thinking outside the box McCain pulled a rabbit out of his hat and in doing so caused a media meltdown, the journalistic equivalent of road rage. Now the MSM is bent on avenging themselves and destroying Sarah Palin in the process.

The savage media assaults on Palin and her family, especially her 17 year old pregnant daughter, are designed to convince Ms. Palin to withdraw her name as VP, and reestablish a political comfort zone for the Democrats and their media lackeys. The MSM sense danger to their candidate Obama, and have thrown any semblance of ethical restraint out the window in an all out effort to defend the new messiah.

The truth is Sarah Palin terrifies the media. In the Manhattan based offices of the MSM, they gather together and rack their common brain to figure out ways to bring her down. Palin terrifies them because she is a Washington outsider. She has existed outside of the Beltway sphere of influence. Palin is an enigma to the MSM, a church going, gun toting, pro-life mother of five who also happens to a sitting Governor. An inspirational woman who actually seems to be moral and ethical…two qualities foreign to any liberal newsroom. Palin occupies space that can’t even be termed “fly-over country”, to the elite media; her home state is as foreign as her value system. She terrifies the media and the feminists because she seems so normal…like [shudder] most Americans.

Fear driven hypocrisy is running rampant among the liberal media. All of a sudden experience matters, and many female journolibs have even stated that Palin would be neglecting her children as VP. So now mothers can’t have jobs, or is that just Republican mothers running against Obama?

Sarah Palin gives her acceptance speech tonight, so all the vile, disgusting personal attacks launched by the MSM in the past few days have failed to change her mind. Only an egotistical, self absorbed, out of touch collection of media misfits could ever have believed that Palin would bow out of the race. The media doesn’t understand her, and they don’t understand the American people. Let’s hope it stays that way, because the MSM is doing a helluva job for the GOP right now.

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CKAinRedStateUSA said...

You betcha, the OMSM is doing a good job for the Republicans and conservatives.

They're now certifiably insane.

They have no restraint left.

And they do not care who they destroy in the process, even Barack Obama, or whatever his real name might be.