Thursday, September 4, 2008

McCain Runs Up The Score

John McCain ran up the score tonight. On Monday, McCain upstaged the inexperienced one. McCain walked the walk and canceled the first night of his convention. This was the first score. John McCain understood fellow Americans were under duress. Instead of staying on the campaign trail and starting his convention he held a fundraiser to benefit victims of Hurricane Gustav.

Tuesday Night the stage was set for another score. Fred Thompson gave a heartfelt emotional speech showcasing the life story of John McCain. Thompson put the ball in the red zone just waiting for a great run

Wednesday, John McCain's run to the middle produced results. Sarah Palin to the ball in to the end zone. She was a great hit that talked to middle America throughout the country. Sarah Palin was shown to be far more experienced than Obama and the pathetic pawns would have ever dreamed. Middle America has rallied behind Palin as evidenced by more Americans viewing Palin than did Obama during his coronation.

Tonight John McCain scored again. He talked directly to middle America. John McCain attacked the establishment in his speech tonight. He attacked not just the democrats and Obama but he attacked his own party and partisan bickering. This wasn't the best speech in the world but it definitely promoted his cause. He talked of service to country and putting the country ahead of partisanship. He attacked the inexperienced one for lacking in the knowledge necessary for having realistic plans. John McCain showed he gets it. He understands American is imperfect. He understands the perils faced by middle Americans in an ever changing world. He spoke of moving our country forward rather than looking for the failed policies of the past. As usual the Republicans showed they are the optimistic party. They showed they believe in average Americans and believe that providing opportunities is more important than providing handouts. This was a definite score for McCain and he may be found guilty of running up the score.


DeniseMary said...

I found his speech stilted, as always, like a recitation. Until he got to the last ten minutes or so - then I had tears streaming down my cheeks. For once - when it really mattered - he got off the apparent script and spoke with heartfelt conviction. He had ME standing too! Extremely well done, and so glad that I changed parties to vote for this man. Most touching line of the whole speech IMHO - (paraphrased) - believing in the IDEAL that is America. Yes, John McCain, that IS worth fighting for!

susan h said...

Loved McCain's speech and he had me in tears while I fell asleep during Obama's coronation speech. McCain spoke from the heart. He was not trying to be anyone but McCain and has the humility to reach across the aisles (he has done so for 30 years in the Senate) and work with opponents to get things done. I trust him more than I do Obama who seems so deceptive. I have not yet decided what to do in November. I think Palin adds something totally new to the GOP ticket and who knew, the REPUBLICAN PARTY would be a party of REAL CHANGE THAT ONE CAN BELIEVE IN.