Monday, September 8, 2008

McCain: A History of Working Across the Aisle

John McCain speaks about bringing change to Washington. John McCain understands that Americans are sick and tired of the same partisan bickering that has been going on for far too long. Obama promises to change our government also. The main difference is Obama wants to change which political party is in power and McCain desires a change in the way our government does its job.

John McCain is famous for the McCain-Feingold act. This was a very unpopular bill to republicans that was meant to reform the way our political campaigns are financed. McCain has chosen to live up to his own bill and live by the standards his reform enacted. John McCain has accepted public financing of his campaign. Obama on the other hand decided that he was such a messiah that he could forgo the public financing route and continues to raise money from the rich elitist class. Just look at the $30,800 per plate fund raiser put on by Jon Bon Jovi this past weekend.

John McCain was famous for working across party lines with Ted Kennedy on immigration reform. This was a highly unpopular bill not only with Republicans but also Americans. McCain understands that we can not have an illegal class of citizens. There are huge burdens placed on society when illegals reap American benefits without really paying into those same programs. Obama supported the immigration reform because he felt he could lock up another minority class. He never really backed the bill. All he really backed was allowing a path to citizenship for illegals.

McCain backed Bill Clinton's family and medical leave act. This was highly unpopular within Republican circles because republicans believed it would harm small businesses. McCain had the fortitude to defend the bill and helped get the act through Congress.

John McCain backs a comprehensive energy policy. One that lowers energy prices today and invests in the technology of tomorrow. Obama only backs the Democratic Party line. Alternative fuel and forget about lowering prices today. Obama says no to everything while McCain is open to everything. McCain understands that working together across the aisle is the only way to move the country forward. Obama only talks about bipartisanship.

Yesterday when Obama was asked what positions he has ever taken that would rile his party, Obama was at a loss. Obama brought up the Luger bill that he cosponsored. The problem is that this bill passed with unanimous consent. This means that it was a bill that everyone agreed with. Obama takes credit for popular bills and hails them as bipartisanship.

The problem is that Obama is not one to make tough decisions. Any tough decisions and Obama hides behind his party. Obama votes party lines 97% of the time. McCain about 90% of the time. Obama does not have a history of working across party lines, he only talks about it. Obama has never really stood up when required. When tough decisions come up Obama either voted "present", says it is "above his pay grade", or votes the party line. Obama only offers more of the same, the only difference is which party will reap the benefits of the corruption. John McCain is a proven leader that will do what is right for all Americans. It won't be right within the party confines but it will be right for the American people. In this election we need more than a change of political partys. We need reform from the outside. That is why McCain has been able to steal the change mantel. Obama offers change Democrats can believe in, while McCain offers change Americans can believe in.


susan h said...

I wish I could believe anything Obama has to say. In short order he has become the most divisive candidate in our history. McCain says he will work across the aisles and I believe him, since he has already done so, to his detriment with republicans. I do not count on Obama to keep any of his promises, because, frankly I do not know what he promises except "HOPE" "CHANGE" which are hardly policy positions. I fear the radical people he has hung out with through his lifetime; he seems to look for extremists to be friends with to mentor/sponsor/teach him. McCain has proven a loyalty and love of America which is beyond question.

Emily said...

i completely agree w/ susan h. obama just says things that people want to hear, not things that he'll actually do.