Monday, September 8, 2008

Katrina Relief: Opposed by Obama/Biden

In 2005, Senator Tom Coburn offered an amendment to an appropriations bill that would have diverted earmark monies to New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina relief. This bill was overwhelmingly shot down. Instead of providing much needed relief to the hurricane victims 38 Democrats opposed this amendment. Two of the democrats that opposed this amendment were none other than Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

This amendment would have canceled the bridge to nowhere and provided relief to the hurricane victims. Now the democrats have railed on the President and the Republicans for their failures. Yet when Barack Obama and Joe Biden had an opportunity to do something about it they bailed out on the victims. Both of these earmark hounds put their own self interests ahead of the nation by supporting our government in this corrupt practice. Both of these Senators found it more important to take earmarks and save the corrupt practice then it was to actually help Americans in need. Both Obama and Biden turned their backs on the very people they say they are helping. Obama always says listen to his words. That is the problem Obama is all talk and no action. Obama is not bold leadership he is more of the same just a different party.


susan h said...

John McCain IS a maverick and has worked across the aisles throughout his career. While I do not agree with the Republican Party's social conservative views, I trust McCain more than Obama and feel he is disengenous about everything. Whose interest is he out for? Not really sure. Too many ties to radical associates and people who he refuses to acknowledge. This is a very tough election and there are no easy answers. Both parties seem to have been taken over by extremists.

Anonymous said...

Pallin and McCain also voted against redirecting funds. All politicians are corrupt. Stop targeting one party to prove your choice of another party. It is OK to be critical of EVERYONE and be outside of the binary.
Open yer eyes.