Saturday, September 27, 2008

John McCain Won! But......

John McCain won last nights debate. There is no doubt about it. While the Obama fan club will tout some polls of focus groups these polls were not all that scientific and I saw where 68% of the 400,000 visitors on Drudge say McCain won. The point is that the bar was lowered for Obama just so that he could get across it. Obama even had a memo come out of his campaign that said his supporters should not expect too much. It is a good thing because Obama did not give us much of anything.

Some pundits say it was the most substantive Presidential debate ever. I agree. The problem is that all of the substance came from McCain. All Obama did was agree with McCain and then talk circles around the questions. I thought McCain did a masterful job of painting Obama into a corner. Obama looked fine when he was parroting his talking points but could really offer nothing else. When asked about how the current financial market would affect economic policy, Obama just stated that he was going to implement a tax and spend philosophy. Obama said he would use a scalpel on the budget.

No there is no doubt McCain won. Even the biggest supportes of Obama can only say this benefits Obama simply because Obama had no major gaffes. Is this what we have come to? Our pathetic pawns will push their candidate of choice just so long as he commits no major gaffes? Well if that is the case then there is a big "but" in McCain's win last night.

The big "but" is that McCain needs to do more. Mccain is losing and needs to be more agrresive in his attacks on the biggest liberal in the Senate. McCain needs to be more specific and attack the Obama tax cut plan for what it is a tax giveaway. McCain needs to attack Obama on his opposition to off shore drilling and attack more on the opposition to clean coal and nuclear technology. McCain needs to come across as knowing the economy is in trouble and not only because of the financial crisis. McCain needs to tie the energy and rising food costs to the economy and point out how the democratic policies have destroyed our country. Obama is shallow and works issues in a stove piped fashion. McCain needs to show his depth of knowledge and show the connections and complexities of our economy.

Thus far McCain has not done the heavy lifted for his campaign. It has been his supporters and right wing blogs that have done the heavy lifting. I am not sure what McCain is waiting for but the pathetic pawns will not come to their senses. I know McCain believes he is the media darling of the Republican Party and that maybe true. However in this election cycle the pathetic pawns are bent on destroying the republican party. It is time for McCain to do more of the heavy lifting and take Obama to task for his socialist ideals. Let America know what Obama intends to do if he is elected. There is no doubt our country is on the wrong track. We have moved to far right. America needs to move back towards our ideological center. McCain has always represented that center. Know he needs to fight to show the center of the country he is not a third George Bush. As a country we need an alternative to the far left Obama represents. Hillary Clinton represented an ideological base center left. This would have been appealing and she would be winning this election hands down at this point. McCain needs to show that he can govern from the center. He is the underdog because of party affiliations. McCain needs to show he is the middle of the road candidate the can unite our country. McCain is the only one capable of working across the aisle. Obama has never worked across the aisle.

Let there be no doubt that there will be a democratic controlled congress. There will be no need to work for compromises. Democrats will take this country far to the left and we may never recover from the entitlement programs the democrats will implement. Come on John start doing some of the heavy lifting and win this election. America needs you.


Anonymous said...

Some things are better handled below radar.


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You're a joke.

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Communism YEAH! Kicking your ass! GOOO LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEFT!

Just messing with you, you crazy redneck conservative. Obama is just as corrupt as the rest of them, don't worry.