Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hope and Change

This is an election year where hope and change have been the mantra. We have a choice between two candidates that are trying to claim the hope and change mantel. As a notion we will be voting in November for the candidate we believe will bring about hope and change. Last week we saw the Democratic National Convention in all of its splendor. The convention was lifted with lofty rhetoric. This week we are watching the Republican National Convention. There is a sharp contract in the messages being provided.

All last week all we heard was party unity. The democrats entered the convention a split party. Obama provided two days of coverage to the Clintons. Hillary got a whole night with the spotlight squarely on her. Hillary provided on of her best speeches ever and promoted the idea of a united party. Bill Clinton also had a night with the spotlight. He again gave a rousing speech rallying supporters to back Obama as in a unified party. Obama himself gave a very routine typical Democrat speech. Nothing inspiring but talked the theme of uniting the Democratic Party.

This week started with a hurricane hitting Louisiana. There were two responses; one from each campaign. Obama called it in from his campaign stop in Michigan. Obama offered his list of 2 million email names as a relief effort. McCain called a stop to his campaigning and went to Louisiana to lend a helping hand. McCain called curtailed his convention and held a fund raiser for the victims of the hurricane. This fund raiser going on inside to ad Americans in need all the while on the outside left wing nut jobs were trying to kill people by throwing rocks from an overpass into the windshield of passing convention buses. Now before anyone says anything about the charge of attempted murder let me tell you I have seen actions like this in Germany and yes people died from this type of activity. McCain waited a day for his convention really giving up a day in the spotlight to call for all Americans to come together and aid the victims of a natural disaster. Now the left was caught praising God for the hurricane all the while John McCain sacrificed again for his country.

Now last night the convention kicked off in earnest. The speeches were not aimed at party unity last night. They were aimed at country unity. Again John McCain puts his country first. Obama places his party first. In this election year the right candidate to bring change could not be clearer. Obama hopes to change the party in the Whitehouse. John McCain hopes to bring change to Washington. Obama wants to take the government while McCain wants to give the government back to the people. Obama is going for the 50% +1 solution while McCain is going for for the 80% solution. Do we want to follow the leadership of a 50% solution or the leadership of a 80% solution. I'll take the 80% every day.

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