Thursday, September 18, 2008

Economic Crisis: Obama No Clue

Today was a bad day for the democrats. They finally got exactly what they have desired. They have clamored on and on about had poorly the economy was performing. Now that we are a country that is in crisis mode what do the leading democrats do? The answer is absolutely nothing.

Yesterday Senator Harry Reid said "no one knows what to do". There is a danger that the Democrat controlled Congress will adjourn and do nothing. This has been the democratic response with all crisis' America has faced since they were in power. In 2007, Harry Reid said "the war is lost". More recently, the Georgia/Russian crisis was weakly responded to by Obama. He said the US should engage the UN security council to rebuke Russia even though Russia is a permanent member and has Veto power. The Obama went on vacation. America has been fighting an energy crisis all summer. The democratic response was to shut down government and turn out the lights. This week the financial crisis reached a peak. Now Obama says nothing except to try and pass the blame on Bush. Although the collapse of Freddie and Fannie was a direct result of mismanagement by the likes of Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson. Both are ardent Obama supporters and in fact are advisors to Obama. Is this the kind of change we can believe? Obama would take advice from failed CEO's and calls that sound economic policy.

Obama stayed on the stump today and had no answers for the troubled financial sector. All Obama did was blame Bush and say hey we need to change. He provided no plans, no ideas, and no commitment. Yet John McCain did come up with an crisis plan. John McCain say the financial issues in 2005 and proposed legislation to correct the problem. The democrats opposed the proposal and we have the crisis today. John McCain offers a real plan today and the stock market rallies for a 400 point gain. The largest one day gain in over 6 years.

This is yet another 3:00 am moment and Obama is AWOL. John McCain answered the bell and the rally today was a direct result. Just like his vacation in the Georgian crisis Obama decided to stay on the sidelines. McCain engaged and provided leadership. Obama wants to change the crooks in Washington; McCain wants to reform Washington by providing leadership and ideas. DO we really desire a Democrat government when all they do is take vacation when America faces a crisis?

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Anonymous said...

Obama should write a study on Quisling, Mosley and Benedict Arnold.