Monday, September 22, 2008

The Death Of A Political Party

Mark this election year as it will make history. No matter who wins this election America will witness the death of a political party. There is no doubt that win or lose the democrats will splinter into two factions. The radicals from the likes of the Daily Kos have hijacked the party and there will be no where for one faction or the other after this election.

Should Barack Obama win this election the country will move too far left. The country is a center right country in poll after poll. Barack Obama is no moderate. Obama is incapable of working across the aisle. Sure he says he is a uniter but the facts are in and he is not uniting his own party let alone the country. Should Obama win he will have to repay the likes of William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, and George Soros. None of these individuals is main stream or could even be considered main stream. The Daily Kos would force Obama to move towards communism. There will be no room for Socialism it will move so far left that the moderate democrats will have no choice but to leave the party.

Should Obama lose there will be riots in the streets. The left wing loons will split the party and ransack, pilfer, and loot our cities. The left wing loons will demonstrate but it will not be peaceful. The left wing of the democratic party will split off from the party and form their own party. Let there be no doubt that the democratic party will split should Obama lose.

Win or lose the death of the democratic party is a certainty. The democrats may win this election but they will lose their identity. Obama has no chance no matter the outcome. Even if he wins it would be impossible to govern because the left wing liberals would lead Obama too far left. Obama after all will owe the George Soros/Michael Moore wing of the party. Should Obama lose the democratic coalition will be broken. So long Democratic Party you are witnessing the death of a political party. Maybe after this death spiral our candidates will start governing for America instead of for themselves. No matter what happens America will owe a debt of gratitude to the Democrats. As they self destruct America will rally to the center and our government will return to a government for the people by the people instead of for the elitists by the corrupt politicians.

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CKAinRedStateUSA said...

It's not "will witness." It's "have finally noticed."

The coaltion of leftists and liberals called the Democratic Party died years ago.

It's just taken this long for the stench of the corpse and the sight of its putrefied corpse to be noticed by the public.