Monday, September 1, 2008

Daily Kos: Hatred and Hypocrisy

The daily kos front page today derides John McCain for showing leadership. Today was supposed to be the start of a partisan week to rival last week for the Democrats. There was supposed to a convention to nominate John McCain for the Republican presidential ticket. Instead John McCain decided now was not the time for partisan politics but rather a time to rally Americans for a cause greater than the partisan divide.

Yesterday, John McCain and President Bush decided to take a proactive approach to Hurricane Gustav. They are on the ground in the area over watching the actions of FEMA, Army Corps of Engineers, and relief workers. John McCain called on all AMericans to come together to provide relief, aid, and assistance in light of a natural disaster. The daily kos asks why McCain is there. They say McCain is just a senator and should not be there. This all the while their candidate offers up a partisan list of 2 million names to provide assistance ignoring the other 358 million Americans. I guess the chosen one has decided that if you are not for him then you do not count. McCain is on the ground monitoring events and acting presidential. Obama is thousands of miles away attacking McCain.

Last month the daily hate website hailed the chosen one when he took a European victory lap while forgetting our wounded warriors. They claimed this showed how international Obama is and how Obama's lack of Foreign policy experience will play out in Europe. Now what they didn't ask is why would Obama be in Europe. After all Obama is just a senator and has no business in Germany. This front page diary on the daily Kos just goes to show just how hateful the left truly is. The left's hypocrisy on reproductive rights and hatred towards responsibility is prominently displayed.

The left (Michael Moore and Dan Fowler) laughed and chuckled at the news of another hurricane hitting New Orleans. They both claimed there is a god in heaven. The left today spread rumors about Sarah Palin and now are attacking her 17 year daughter. The left renounced any attacks on the politically active spouse but yet encourages attacks on a 17 year old. What a shame that the left is so full of hate and hypocrisy.


DeniseMary said...

Could not have said it better. Thanks for making these comments for the rest of us.

CKAinRedStateUSA said...


Let's face it: These are people without scruples, conscience and morals.

They're just doing what comes naturally for them.

It will get no better, though, given that they -- the Demockacrats, liberals and leftists, including the wrongly named MSM -- now know that Barack Obama, or whatever his real name might be, cannot win.

So they, being unable to restrain the outflow of hatred from their soulds, will simply come up with more outrageous ways to attack Gov. Palin and/or Sen. McCain.

Let'em, though. It's just going to backfire, just as this crassness with Sarah Palin and her family has already begun to do.

Jen Toluca Lake, CA said...

Hatred and hypocrisy is all they know.... it only helps the McCain-Palin campaign. It's gonna get worse before it gets better.... batten down the hatches, buckle your seatbelts--this is gonna be one helluva ride!

Special thanks to: Barack "whatever-your-real-name-might-be" Obama, the [wrongly named] MSM, Nancy "the-doctors-of-the-Church-have-not-been-able-to-make-that-definition“ Pelosi, Harry “yehaaa” Reid, Chris "tinkle-down-your-leg" Matthews, and Keith "go-back-to-sportscasting-and-shut-the-hell-up” Olberman.

Kibby said...

The Washington Post had an interesting article titled
At 'Netroots Nation,' Obama Campaign Goes to Ground written during the KOS annual convention which is now called 'Netroots NaItion'. It details how the DNC and the Obama campaign sent in people to hold training sessions on how to "blog" this election to win.

If you read it at KOS - the orders came from the top - Obama & the DNC.

Will anyone report on this? NOPE

Jen Toluca Lake, CA said...

Sounds like more "Senator Stealth" at work. Stanley Kurtz wrote an article for National Review (September 1) magazine entitled "Senator Stealth" detailing training sessions Obama received and gave for Gamaliel (and ACORN) about how to further radical causes agendas without being detected.... This is some deeply disturbing stuff. Let's hope the National Enquirer gets wind of it and fans the flames until it cannot be denied like the Edwards affair.

Anonymous said...

It's a joke for conservatives to accuse liberals of having no scruples after what your party stoops to in every election. Just cast your mind back to Rove's smear of McCain's 'black' child in SC in 2000. If you accurately portrayed the kos community response to those writing these articles was widespread disgust and harsh criticism.

The Lizard said...


I see you are to scared to leave a link to your filth and trash. Attacking a 17 year old child is beneath contempt. The Kos website is filled with hatred and beyond hypocrisy. What we learned today is that the left wing nuts are not pro choice but rather pro abortion. The only choice Bristol had in the left nut cases mind is to have an abortion. So I guess taking responsibility and having a child is not a choice. Get real and stop using swift boat as a verb. You and the left wings nut jobs have sank beneath contempt. Your arguments are a joke and can not be backed up with anything. The nut jobs claim to be so smart so they started with outright lies. They ended up delving into vicious attacks on a 17 year. Have you no shame? You are a complete joke and have no moral decency.

Chris at Liveware said...

As far as I can tell, it was the McCain camp that "outed" Bristol as being pregnant to quash rumors spreading about Trig's parentage.

Instead of using a 17 year-old, they could have produced independent documentation regarding Trig / Sarah Palin and left Bristol out of it, right?

Politically, it was a brilliant move, though. By using Bristol this way, it's very difficult--if not impossible--to bring up the topic anymore without looking like one is piling on.