Friday, September 26, 2008

Crisis: Who and What is the Root Cause

There was a lot of finger pointing today over the financial crisis. In my opinion we need to know what the root causes of the problem really are in order to make sure we never have to endure this type of crisis again in the future. I came across this video that really puts this crisis into perspective and places the blame where it squarely belongs. The crisis belongs squarely on the shoulders of our corrupt career politicians. The corrupt politicians have allowed our financial infrastructure crumble. Take a look at this video and vote out any and all incumbents. Bring in a true leader to the presidency that sponsored bills to keep this corrupt behavior from getting out of hand and send the inexperienced corrupt politician home.


kester said...

Just to jump in early...Obama so spanked McCain in that debate.

I could trust McCain, but I can't trust the party that is his base.

And he's old...not a sin, but President Palin??? Gotta pass.

Was this not on-topic? Sue me.

The Lizard said...

Sorry Kester,

Obama got his clock cleaned. No comparison; the only reason Obama will not be crucified is because of lowered expectations. So far the pathetic pawns are trying to spin this as because Obama had no major gaffe's and it was not a knockout that he won. The problem is that if this was a boxing match Obama would lose by unanimous decision.

The Lizard said...


The paradigms must change in our country. The two party system has destroyed our country. That is my main problem with Obama. Obama wants to change which political party controls Washington. McCain has proven he wants to reform Washington.

Voting parties and which base is not the direction we need. Changing the way we do business in our government is of utmost importance. Obama represents more of the same corruption that is derailing our democracy. The only difference is who will be the main crooks reaping the corrupt gains.