Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Country First vs Me First

The Nation is in a crisis. Our economy is on the verge of failure. The financial infrastructure is in meltdown mode. We have high energy costs. We have unemployment climbing. We have a government intent on destroying our country. There is partisan bickering going on in Washington and no one willing to stop the madness and bring the parties together to resolve our issues except for one. There is only one government official even attempting to put partisan politics aside for the good of the country and that is John McCain.

Many Obama backers are saying this is a political stunt. This is a lie and the left wing freaks know it. The last presidential candidate to skip a presidential debate was Jimmy Carter and the results were disastrous. McCain is taking all of his ads off the air and has suspended his campaign at his own risk. McCain has decided that fixing our economic issues are more important than winning an election. Obama taken the "Me First" approach. Obama refuses to suspend his campaign and refuses to return to Washington until everyone else works out a plan. Then and only then will Obama come to the table to take credit for a plan he has nothing to do with.

John McCain did not ask to cancel the debates; he asked to reschedule the debates. Obama has decided he would not allow a reschedule and will show up to the debate to further his partisan politics. I thought Obama wanted to unite the country? Are these partisan ideals uniting the Country? I think not. Obama is all about himself.

Obama has shown he is incapable of developing his own plans. He is waiting for someone else to develop a plan that he can take credit for. McCain is showing leadership and no doubt will do what is right for the country. Just another fine example of one candidate taking actions to prove his words while the other canddate only offers words. The choice could not be clearer Obama will say anything to get elected. He is the "me first" approach. John McCain puts country first.

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