Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Change for America Vs Change of Political Partys

This is a change election. Nothing could be clearer. The two presidential candidate understand this and are campaigning vigorously on their vision of change. There is a sharp contrast between what the two tickets offer as change. Obama offers change in the form of Political Partys; John McCain offers change in the form of reforms.

Obama thought he claimed the change mantel. He campaigned on change we can believe in. His convention theme was a change from George Bush policies. Obama is continuously running against George Bush. The problem is that George Bush is not running. Obama's policies do nothing except change which corrupt organizations eat at the government trough. All we have to do is look at some of his policies. Obama has stated he is for the Bush policy of faith based initiatives. The difference is that the money would go to churches like his former church of hatred which teaches Black Liberation Theology. Obama says he would cut wasteful spending. But his actions show he is for ear marks as long as they are for his socialist ideas. Obama wants education reform. The problem is he is giving into the teachers union. Our teachers have failed America (look at our ranking in hard sciences, math, and engineering) and now he wants to teach our kids sex education starting in kindergarten. Why would America want a failed institution teaching social skills? Obama says he is for comprehensive energy policy. Sure as long as it does not consider anything that is doable today. Obama has said no to anything that resembles helping today. His green only philosophy is not ready. The technology is 10-15 years down the road. His change is simply we can't get there from here. How is that change. He backs carbon credit thieves instead of Oil Companies. Now that's a change. Obama is about changing political partys nothing more; nothing less.

John McCain promises to change the way our government does business. He is against er marks and never requested one. McCain says education is the civil rights issue of our era. He wants to fund charter schools and allow parents greater choices and opportunities for our future. McCain is not going to be beholden to the teachers union which has failed our nation. John McCain backs a true comprehensive energy paln. He backs more drilling today to bridge us to the future. He backs furthering nuclear energy which we have technology to produce today. John McCain backs investments in green technology. John McCain talked to middle America.

It is no wonder that McCain came out of his convention in the lead. John McCain stole the change mantel. John McCain talked about America and service to our country. John McCain is a reformer that wants rid our government of the excesses they are accustomed to. Barack Obama talked about change for his constituents. Obama attempted to get a bare majority. Obama fell into the trap that the Democratic Party was the majority. He fell for the trap of running against George Bush. The Problem is that John McCain is no George Bush. John McCain knows about service to country and putting the country ahead of personal gain. John McCain was aiming for a middle America uprising rather than a liberal left uprising. There is more than one kind of change. There is change from within which only changes who is the beneficiaries at the government trough and there is change from the outside where all America benefits from the opportunities government can provide. The choice is clear. John McCain will reform Washington. Barack Obama will change political parties in Washington.

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