Monday, September 1, 2008

Call to Action

This post is a call to action. The Daily Kos is a hatefilled nationally recognized web site that is now guilty of Libel. On their front page they went to the gutter level to attack Sarah Palin. Their claims are unfounded and are very libelous.

This is a political organization that is an extension of the democratic party. Obama addressed them and even co sponsored with the DNC a forum on how to attack the Republican party. While I am not privy to the day long event I want to know. I want to know if the Obama campaign is guilty of conspiracy. I want to know if the DNC is guilty of conspiracy. They have supported an organization that just libeled Sarah Palin. This is not just some no name blog preaching hate. It is a main stream left wing site that is supported by our biased media, the DNC and Obama himself.

If there is a lawyer out there that will help me start a lawsuit against this libelous organization Please email me at the following address Even if a lawyer is unwilling to support this cause I would like to hear the reasons. What the daily kos did was beneath contempt. I believe a lawsuit is in order against Markos Moulitas, Barack Obama, and the DNC. Markos created this nutroot organization, Obama conspired with them by teaching how to spread hate and lies, and the DNC provides the organization credibility by being a part of and supporting the organization.

What can be done? If a lawyer would answer this question it would be helpful. Lies and libelous actions can not be allowed. Our freedom of speech does not allow us to libel someone. We are not allowed to make up lies and spread the rumors. This is not about political views this is about the spreading of outright lies. Lies that can be proven.

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Chris at Liveware said...

I just checked DailyKos...why aren't you specific in which article is libelous? Just add a link; this *is* one of the benefits of the web.