Sunday, September 28, 2008

BraceletGate: Obama Places Politics Above Honesty

Barack Obama just placed politics ahead of honesty.  Obama disgraced a family, disrespected a fallen hero, disrespected the brave men and women in the service of their country, and disrespected the United States of America.  On Friday night, Obama stated he had the bracelet of a fallen hero just like McCain.  The problem of the bracelet began with Obama not even knowing the name on the bracelet he implied he wore all the time.  Now the real facts are coming out and it seems the bracelet was provided not becasue the family agreed with Obama's position but rather becasue they disagreed with Obama's lose at any cost philosophy and the family wished Obama would take into account the feelings of the families not wanted their children to have died in vain protecting the national security of the US.

It is no wonder that McCain could lay out a heartfelt and touvhing story about the wristband he wears, while Obama offered no story only a "me too" moment.  McCain is not wearing the wristband for political gain.  He is wearing the wristband becasue he understands the sacrifices young Americans are making to ensure our freedoms are maintained.  Obama needed something to offset McCains connection with the patriots of America's sons and daughters so he decided to wear a bracelet that the family asked him not to.  He wore a bracelet and offered a dishonest commentary knowing full well the bracelet was provided becasue the family disagreed with Obama and not becasue they agreed with his failure policies.

Obama is stuck in the past.  He continuously says this was not the right war in Iraq.  That was lost sight of the ball and we needed to stay in Afghanistan.  This my friends is Monday Morning Quarterbacking.  History may show this was an ill conceived war, yet it may also show to be the prudent move.  History will not be able to be written for another 20 years as the results and implications of the Iraqi war begin to take hold.  The problem with Obama is that he refuses to move forward.  Obama things becasue it was wrong to begin with we should commit another wrong and bailout on our responsibilities.  The fact of the matter is that we have responsibilities and are moving forward with a plan the will help with a fledgling democracy.  If Iraq becomes a full fledged democracy by following the current path they are on this war will be viewed kindly by history.  If we bail out on Iraq as Obama is sure to do; history will be unkind to the democrats just as they were during the Vietnam aftermath.

Obama disrespected the service of our heroes.  Obama placed politics ahead of honesty.  The main stream media pathetic pawns need to report on this news. This behavior goes against everything we believe in.  America believes in our heroes.  Freedom is not free.  Obama was dishonest and continuously lies.  Obama is not a leader but a follower.  Even when he follows he has to place dishonest spin to live the fantasy.  This goes to show that Obama will say or do anything to get elected; no matter how dishonest.


Ted said...

Braceletgate says it all!

Jen said...

Hi, I just found your site, and I have to say that it is refreshing to read your blogs. I live on the East coast, and I have to keep my mouth shut or else I'll be mobbed by the folks who have drunk the Obama punch. Keep up the good work, and I'll live vicariously through you!

Karl said...

Great post. I have a bracelet story - a different one than Obama's - at my site. Hope you enjoy!