Monday, September 1, 2008

At 3:00 am: McCain 3 Obama 0

In evaluating our choices for president we need to look at the decisions they make at important times. No one truly have enough experience to be America's leader. There is always a certain amount of on the job training. We look through the resumes and then evaluate the candidates on the decisions they have made. In this election there have been at least three occasions when the candidates had to either make decisions, make a policy statement, or make a statement to rally Americans. Hillary called these 3:00 am moments. So far in the 3:00 am moments the score is 3-0 in favor of McCain.

The first crisis was the Russian invasion of Georgia. McCain came out strong condemning Russia and demanding an immediate withdrawal. Obama made the weak suggestion of direct talks and stated America needed to engage the UN security council. Not much of a choice here McCain was strong and Presidential; Obama was weak and ineffective. McCain 1 Obama 0.

The next moment was the Vice Presidential selections. Obama selected Joe Biden. This was a political decision made in order to shore up the inexperienced question raised by Hillary and Biden in the primaries and McCain prior to the Veep selection. In an election where change is the mantra Obama chose an inside the beltway status quo candidate. McCain went outside the box and broke down the paradigms. McCain selected a candidate that understands average Americans and couldn't come from much further away from the capital beltway. Palin is a mother of five, mayor of a small town, and governor of America's largest State. Palin understands the most important issue of this election cycle. Palin hails from a state that is a part resolving our energy crisis. Palin took on the status quo in her own party and won. Palin negotiated contracts with foreign companies to work on a pipeline to tap clean natural gas. Palin fought big oil and won. McCain 2 Obama 0.

The latest moment is the response to Hurricane Gustav. McCain canceled the start of his convention. McCain called on all Americans and said this is a time for us to come together. Stop the partisan bickering for the sake of the victims of an impending disaster. Obama decided not to cancel any campaign stops. Obama decided it was a good idea to keep campaigning even in the wake of an impending disaster. After all the storm was not as strong as Katrina and would not be a direct hit on New Orleans. Dan Fowler (EX DNC Chair) was caught on tape laughing and making light of the storm. Fowler suggested that "there is a god in heaven". Michael Moore another liberal elitist activist made similar comments a day earlier. Obama offers up his 2 million name donor list and forgets about the rest of America. Fowler blames a right wing nutjob for recording a private conversation. Moore never apologized because in the eyes of liberal elitist they pray that evil happens just to get their elitist cronies empowered. McCain 3 Obama 0.

The choice could not be clearer. In three moments where strength, nuance, and compassion were required McCain hit it out of the park. Obama struck out. McCain showed strength in an international crisis, McCain made the nuanced choice for change, and McCain showed an American response in the face of an America disaster. Obama showed weakness in an international crisis, made the status quo choice for more of the same, and showed a partisan response to an American disaster. Yes the score is McCain 3 and Obama 0 in the 3:00 am moments.


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Actually, it's Republicans-conservatives-independents-Americans 3, Demockacrats-liberals-leftists-blame Americans 0.

And come November's Election Day, it'll be at least 4-0 for America versus the Demofascists and their racial, social, religious, intellectual and political arsonist.

DeniseMary said...

Had to smile when I saw this, this morning. Somehow I just knew you'd pick up on it! Can't wait to see what the 4-0 will be:)