Thursday, September 25, 2008

3:00 am: Who Received The Call

The American economy is currently in the midst of a crisis. Barack Obama says the economy is the worst of our times and may be close to another depression. There is no doubt we are having a crisis in the financial sector and some type of action is a necessity. Yesterday Henry Paulson made a call; who did he call? Not Obama.

In fact even the Senate Majority leader made a call and it was not to Obama either. John McCain got the calls. Reid wanted McCain as did Paulson. It became clear yesterday that the greatest economic crisis since the great depression would not be resolved without the leadership of John McCain. John McCain answered those calls and suspended his campaign. Now this is not the first time John McCain put AMerica ahead of Presidential aspirations. John McCain suspended his campaign and all but canceled he first day of his convention, leaving only necessary tasks to be completed, in order to address a potential disaster in New Orleans.

Obama has had the same opportunities. But when there was a hurricane approaching New Orleans Obama decided to it was more important to campaign in Michigan. Yesterday when it was time to act and unite with McCain in the name of bi partisanship for the good of the country Obama hung the phone up. He told the caller to call back some other time when it was more convenient. Obama said he could do more than one thing at a time. Yet when Bush does similar things by carrying on different tasks and leaves the most important issues of the time to themselves the democrats vehemently complain how out of touch Bush is with the American Public.

There are two instances of where Bush appeared indifferent to our nations problems. The first one was 9/11 where the left wing nut cases say Bush ignored the country by first finishing what he was in the middle of and cutting short a visit with elementary school students. Here is Bush attempting to get some facts and back away from elementary school students gracefully without scaring the young children while dealing with the magnitude of the problem all the while being attacked from the left for not abruptly leaving and scaring the youngsters. The other time was obviously Katrina. According to the democrats Bush should have dropped everything and immediately landed in New Orleans. Bush is out of touch and doesn't care about the citizens of the country the left wing nit cases presume. Yet when Obama does the same thing with the economy yesterday the left believes the messiah is on the right path. It is Obama that is more similar to Bush than is McCain.

McCain was the one that answered the call. Today Harry Reid told McCain to stay away after he called on McCain to come to Washington to reign in the Republicans. Now when it became clear that McCain was going to take a bi partisan approach and do what is right for the country Reid tells McCain to stay away. Why? Simply because Obama doesn't believe this crisis warrants any attention. Obama said "if you need me call me". Well we do not need you Obama. All we need is for you to return your paycheck for performing Senatorial duties for the last two years because you have been AWOL. Reid is upset today because McCain is going to provide leadership. McCain is not simply going to strong arm Republicans but negotiate a deal for America. McCain is not going to sell out his country for a few votes. Obama is hiding and yet again voting present when true leadership is required.

Is this how Obama is going to lead? Will he just sit there and sign Bills into law without providing the leadership necessary to shape them? If the answer is as it appears than Obama will only be a figure head that accomplishes nothing. This is the type of behavior the democrats have accused the Bush administrations. The Republicans would just rubber stamp everything without really looking out for the country. Obama is closer to being a third Bush term then would McCain. McCain has a history of bi partisanship. McCain will lead the country. Obama is the partisan hack that has zero leadership skills. The choice could not be clearer: Do we want the one that answers the crisis calls or the one that tells the crisis caller to call back when it is more convenient.


Anonymous said...

Obama did lose a golden opportunity to show his mettle.

He might have a lot of free time in the near future to write a fourth book.


Anonymous said...

McCain know what to do when Battlestations is called.

Now all of a sudden the big Zero wants to debate when all summer he would say any time any where but when called would not debate. Now he is the master debater while McCain has answered the call to duty.

See the big Zero does not have to be there because even the dems in DC know he is not a leader and would just be in the way. Reps and Dems need McCain there because they want to have his leadership to do what needs getting done. The Zero can phone that in. To lead you have to show up.

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