Wednesday, September 24, 2008

2008: MSM Establishes Race Narrative

All year the head to head heats in the presidential election show Barack Obama underperforming the generic candidate heats. The Pathetic Pawns, the Liberal Left hate websites, and the Democratic National Committee are having difficulty understanding the dynamics of this election cycle.

Going into the 2008 election cycle, this was shaping up to be a democratic landslide. The pathetic pawns shaped the race in this light ever since the 2006 election cycle. During early polling when there were 8 candidates running, the pathetic pawns inquired to the satisfaction of the candidates. The pathetic pawns stated emphatically that the overwhelming majority of Democrats were excited by their choices while the Republicans seemed dissatisfied with their choices. The pathetic pawns pushed this meme throughout the primaries. The pathetic pawns always assumed that the democrats would back any candidate on the democratic ticket no matter who was selected and the republicans would remain frayed.

When the primary season started to drag out with no clear favorite in the Democratic Party nomination process, the pathetic pawns ignored John McCain who was actively attempting to heal the wounds and scars within the Republican Party. The pathetic pawns kept pushing the meme that the Democrats were satisfied and happy with their choices. They made it clear that party unification was absolutely going to happen no matter who won the nomination.

This summer when Obama failed to close the deal, the press started blaming the Clinton Democrats. While Obama was the clear favorite and the polling internals showing Obama having a clear cut edge, the poll numbers still showed Obama in a dead heat with McCain. Obama recognizing his issues with closing the deal, played the race card every time the polls started closing the gap. Obama made statements like “they are going to strike fear into the voters because Obama does not look like the other presidents on the dollar bill.” As Obama closed his convention in Denver he was on a high. It appeared that the delegates had finally come home to the Democratic Party. The following day John McCain destroyed Obama’s fantasy world by selecting Sarah Palin as his VP selection.

The Pathetic Pawns and left wing hate sites went into a feeding frenzy. How dare McCain pick a female for the number two slot. The democrats always believed they had the divine right to have the first minority President and the first female President. They were the ones that had been pandering to these groups for so long that according to them it was inevitable that they would be first in both categories. John McCain slapped them down and brought in some reality to the mix. Yes there are female and minority Republicans. Yes minorities and females have leadership qualities and the Republicans recognized this fact. The Republicans do not have token representation they have leaders. The democrats felt they could place forward token representation as figureheads all the while the white male elitists in the party would make all the decisions. This is the reason for the shock and disbelief shown by the Obama campaign, left wing hate sites, and the Democratic Party.

The pathetic pawns are now setting up the narrative in the event that Obama loses. The narrative is going to be that Americans are racist. There was a poll out from AP/Yahoo that showed 25% of the Democratic Party is racist according to their polling results. The pathetic pawns are submitting that there will be a “Bradley Effect”. The meme is that Obama can not lose unless there are some nefarious reasons after all this is shaping up to be a democratic year. The pushing of racial discord does two things for the Obama campaign. First it gets the idea out there to the public that people should vote for Obama because he is a minority; forget the facts that Obama is the least qualified candidate in a century, forget that Obama has socialist ideas that do not sit well with a center right country, and forget that Obama has been sitting idle allowing McCain to develop plans and ideas to solve our nations issues only to later come in and claim the ideas as his own. No there must be some other nefarious reasons for this close election so lets push the race buttons to see if we can garner votes based on pity. Second the Pathetic Pawns are setting the stage for race riots in the event Obama loses in November. After all if Obama loses it will be solely based on his race.

The Pathetic pawns have jumped on the Obama bus. They refuse to properly vet Obama yet feel it is their divine right to smear and bury Sarah Palin. The pathetic pawns have allowed Obama to make this election about two things: race and gender. Obama claims he is being held back by the racists and Obama is trying to run against the Republican VP. I think it is hilarious that the pathetic pawns in the media believe Sarah Palin is more inexperienced than Obama yet Palin is the only person on either ticket that has executive experience. Sarah Palin could not vote “present” on difficult decisions; no she had to make a decision. Obama’s greatest claim to experience is that (in his words) he has run for president for 19 months so he has more experience than Palin. But there is a problem with this logic. John McCain has experience and dwarves Obama in real life experience. The campaign is between McCain and Obama not between Palin and Obama.

It is difficult for the pathetic pawns to understand why their chosen candidate is within the margin of error. They refuse to look into the real reasons and would rather establish the narrative that somehow race will play a part. The real reason has nothing to do with race but rather qualifications and ideas or in the case of Obama the lack thereof. This election will go down in history as the one that destroyed the yellow journalism of the pathetic pawns. The pathetic pawns will become irrelevant after this election and then be left to wonder how this could happen. Our media has lost sight of their central tenet: Remain unbiased and objective in their approach. The pathetic pawns are subjective and push their opinion rather than facts.

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