Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Who's Ignorant?????

That is the question of the day. Barack Obama claims the Republicans are ignorant for ridiculing his energy policy. Obama claims we would save more oil by inflating our tires then we could ever by increasing our drilling. Obama claims that we would be able to wait for alternative fuels if we would just change our habits. Obama claims that increasing oil supplies would do nothing to reduce the cost of oil but of course increasing the tax burden on oil producers would decrease the cost of oil. Obama and the Democrats are seriously out of touch with average Americans.

Let's face it. Obama and the Democrats he leads are ignorant when it comes to the pain Americans are facing today. The facts are that Americans are unable to afford the increasing oil prices. The entire American infrastructure is based upon black gold. In Obama's chosen city of Chicago there would not be many brand name clothes without the truckers that move the goods from the coasts. Average Americans are having a tough time just filling their tanks to go back and forth to work. The blue collar union workers that the Obama led Democrats claim to be protecting are being bilked out of funds due to the Democrats ignorance. The one thing that rings true is that the Democrats are ignorant of the facts.

They believe they are untouchable. They have been led to believe that they are infallible and can't lose this election cycle. The media has pushed the liberal agenda and informed the Republic that we all might as well vote for a Democrat because a Republican can not win. Pelosi went as far as to tell "blue dog" Democrats to go ahead and voice their support for off shore drilling. Why we might ask? Well it is because she is in a safe seat. She can afford to take the hit because she is assured of reelection. The ones that are not in such a great position are free to voice support because Queen Nancy has no intention of ever allowing a vote on this issue. Queen Nancy is providing political cover. The lying Democrats will say anything for power. What the ignorant Queen is saying is this "Go Ahead and tell your constituents you are for drilling; we will never have a vote". Nancy is telling the Democrats to blame her. All the while she has no intention of allowing a floor vote. Queen Nancy is not even allowing debate on the issue. She calls drilling for oil a hoax. The Democrat talking point is we will not get the desired oil for 10 years. Well the Obama led Democrats are wrong.

We as Americans were duped in 2006. Queen Nancy and King Charles (Schumer) lied to Americans when they promised lower fuel costs. In 2006, they ridiculed Bush because the price of a gallon of gas was over $2.00 a gallon. They promised that their plans would lower the price of oil. Instead we now have fuel prices over $4.00 a gallon. Queen Nancy and King Charles now clamor that it is the Republicans thwarting their plans and they need a fillibuster proof Senate in order to accomplish anything. The problem is this.

The Democrats can not lead. Never in recent memory has there been a fillibuster proof majority for either party. Yet the Democrats can not lead without one? Why? The reason is that they have very little in the form of ideas. When they do have an idea it is from the far left and totally unacceptable to Average Americans. The only way they are capable of winning is to resort to lies. They Democrats are lying when they say we will be unable to get to our oil for ten years. The Democrats are lying when they say they will have a comprehensive energy plan that will reduce the cost of heating our homes. The Democrats tell their loyal party politicians to lie to Americans when they speak of drilling. The democrats are the ignorant ones.

They are ignorant to believe that we as Americans will believe their lies. We need to vote all of these incredible liars out of office. We need to send them home. Maybe if we send the incumbents home we will get our country back. We do not need politicians that would outright lie in an effort to gain power. Our politicians have corrupted the Republic with their lies. The Republicans are not much better. However, they have shown an understanding of our energy woes. We need to send a message this election cycle and vote out any politician running for reelection that has been in Congress longer than 4 years. Vote out incumbents and save America. Our politicians are ignorant to the issues facing Average Americans.

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susan h said...

I live in Illinois and am sorry to say that Dick Durbin, our esteemed senator for many years was one of the people who "convinced" Obama to run for President even though he had virtually no experience. I think this was in place for a long time but us unsuspecting Americans did not know. Because of such, I did not vote for Durbin in the recent primary and will not vote for him in November, although he is assured of a landslide as he will probably run unopposed. I did email him dozens of letters at the time voicing my opposition to Obama's candidacy, but never received a response to any of them. I hope there are voters out there who follow your suggestion.