Saturday, August 30, 2008

Obama Was Right!!!!!!

I have to admit there is one thing Obama was right about. I would never have thought I would agree with Obama on anything but there is one thing in his acceptance speech that I will always remember.

Obama said "Change doesn't come from Washington, it comes to Washington". This statement is absolutely true. The problem for Obama is that both he and his running mate are from Washington. Governor Palin will come to Washington. Obama talks about change but McCain showed his maverick style and will bring change to Washington.

There is no doubt Palin will represent change. Instead of passing some watered down ethics reform for Congress, Palin actually sat on ethics commissions and brought changes within her state and even her party establishment. Instead of talking about the evils of earmarks like Obama and Biden; McCain has never been a part of the unscrupulous earmarks and Palin actually turns some down that are supposed to go to her state.

The democrats have been quick to pick up on Palin's firing of her public safety commissioner (Walt Monegan). The issue will just show how tough Palin really is. Palin desired moving in a new direction. She asked her public safety Commissioner to move to a different position. He refused and was subsequently fired. The accusation made says that Palin was upset that Walt Monegan would not fire her State Trooper Brother in Law Michael Wooten. Michael Wooten had been accused of child abuse. In fact Michael Wooten was suspended from his job as a State trooper for five days because of the child abuse. I am not sure about you but I would think Michael Wooten deserves to be fired from his State Trooper job if he abused children. The Police are supposed to protect and defend their communities. It is difficult to protect and defend while busy committing child abuse against the innocent. This is really a go nowhere story for the Democrats and really will only show that Palin is tough and demands accountability.

Obama talks about government working together. McCain has a history of working across the Aisle. Obama talks about change. McCain and Palin represent change and have proven track records of bringing change. Obama talks about less influence from lobbyists; McCain has a history of ridding our government influence by lobbyists. Obama talks about energy; Palin knows about energy. Obama talks about unifying a divided country; Palin has Democrats and independents in Her administration. No I don't agree with Obama much.

As I said Obama and Biden talk about change. McCain and Palin bring about change. I must adamantly agree with Obama change will not come from Washington; change comes to Washington. The only candidate of the four that will come to Washington is Palin. Obama has made the case for Change. Obama has made the case for change coming to Washington. Lets bring change to Washington and put McCain/Palin in Office.

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CKAinRedStateUSA said...

It would appear that, predictably and oh-so-continously boringly, Obama talks the walk, but does not walk the talk.

McCain learned to walk a long time ago.

And Gov. Palin knows how, as well.