Sunday, August 3, 2008

Obama: Shut Down Dissension

Obama and his loyal cultists are still attempting to shut down honest debate. In the latest round of using spam to shut down Anti Obama sites was tracked by law enforcement officials to three IP addresses registered to The site that was able to track this down is Macsmind. The IP addresses in question are,, and

This was reported by "Death By a 1000 papercuts". DBKP was also shut down. It seems that Blogger and google are trying to cover this up and tell the public it is a browser problem. Now it seems that google needs to come clean and file charges against the Obama campaign for their malicious attacks. Last month no less than seven sites were shut down due the childish behavior of the Obama cult following. I believe a class action lawsuit is in order against Google and the Obama campaign for allowing and even encouraging malicious attacks against concerned Americans.

The only MSM network to give this coverage was Fox News. The had an article in early July that addressed the issue of Obama using spam to shut down other Blogs as being SPAM. Now it seems that Google should be shutting down because it is now readily obvious that it is truly a SPAM site. The site sends out SPAM in hopes of shutting down anti Obama Blogs.

Where is the Obama judgment. This is the nominee that said he would debate John McCain anytime anywhere. Yet when the going gets tough Obama attempts to silence the dissension and uses illegal means in which to do it. Obama and his campaign claim to have the tamed the internet and harnessed its power. The reality is that they have let the cult following to abuse the internet at will. As long as dissension is silenced Obama does not care.

How ironic that the party of dissension would resort to silencing dissension when it comes to the Chosen One. Obama represents a weak leader with no judgment. If he had any leadership ability he would have forced his campaign to shut down illegal SPAM activity. He would have issued an apology to Bloggers affected by his abusive and childish tactics. Instead Obama encourages the behavior by his silent acceptance. What would a presidency for Obama look like? I think there would be a total shutout of transparency. Obama represents the radical extreme of his Party and would enforce radio silence. His administration would be for Obamabots by Obamabots.


Anonymous said...

Something I have suspected for months! I have lots of friends and acquaintances who had IP's blocked from what they expected were Obama-linked origins. Bet there are way more than just a few of these... they've only discovered a couple so far.

HeyJude said...

During the primary season, Obama started the campaign with an attack ad that was very effective to the <30 crowd, an interpretation of George Orwell's 1984, with Hillary Clinton representing 'Big Brother.'

Does anyone else see the irony here?