Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama Makes A Decision At 3:00 am

Barack Obama finally shows America the type of decisions he would make at 3:00 am. Obama had the opportunity to make a statement in the midst of a 3:00 am crisis two weeks ago but left that decision to the big boys while he sauntered off on vacation. However, to give Obama some credit he had these vacation plans before Russia decided to invade Georgia. The Georgian crisis would have to wait because Michelle told Barack he was not to take Georgia seriously because she wanted to go to Hawaii.

So Obama would have to wait to show the world that he could indeed make a decision at 3:00 am. What decision does he make at 3:00 am? He selects Joe Biden as his Vice President. Obama was unable to make 3:00 am decisions when necessitated by events due to vacation plans instead he creates a 3:00 am moment just to show that he could make well thought out decisions in the wee hours of the morning.

The problem is that Joe Biden represents everything Obama is not. Joe Biden has experience and previously ran for President twice. The problem is that Joe Biden is a career politician and the poster child for Washington Insider. The current congress has managed to do less than any other congress in history and Biden is a part of that. Obama promised hope and change; his 3:00 am decision provided more of the same.

Obama had an opportunity to provide a strong response during the Georgian crisis. It took him three attempts to get the message right. In his first opportunity to show Americans how he would react in a 3:00 am moment Obama failed. So Obama being the great showboat makes his own 3:00 am moment and announces to the world the his Vice President was Joe Biden. This is another shining example of Obama's prowess at making poor decisions.

Yes this is a poor decision. Why wait until America was sleeping to announce his selection. This selection should have been made just before a news cycle in order to receive the biggest bounce. Instead the news is 6 hours old before anyone really notices. Obama did make a decision at 3:00 am it just that it wasn't necessary for this decision to be made in the wee hours in the morning. This was the wrong type of decision to make at 3:00 am. We need a President that will take the position seriously. Not one that will make it a show. When provided a perfect opportunity to act Presidential Obama went on vacation. To make up for that Obama creates his own news at 3:00 am. Obama just does not get it. Obama is too immature to be President. The Presidency is not a game; American lives are at stake.


Amy Proctor said...

Maybe he was so excited he couldn't wait to spill the beans? It's really odd timing.

I'm an Army wife and we live in Korea for a 2 year tour. I found out about it while everyone in the states was sleeping. I couldn't figure out why this news was "leaked" so early in the morning.

But then, they're just democrats. They'll end up losing the election and none of it will matter anyway. I just hope McCain picks Romney for his running mate.

Biden has a long paper trail of condescending, vitriolic and hateful remarks in the Senate that will help Republicians put the dynamic duo of Obama/Biden in their proper context. Then the voters will decide.

The Lizard said...

Thanks Amy. It was odd timing. I am sure it orchestrated to provide the appearance of making 3:00 am decisions.

Enjoy Korea!

CKAinRedStateUSA said...

There's a blog -- go here: -- in which a supporter of Barack/Barry SoetorObamaDunham derives hope from BBSOD making a 3 a.m. call. Shows that he can make a call then.

Seriously, I couldn't make up stuff like this.

Here's the text that caught my attention: "If you are inclined to vote for Sen. Barack Obama this November – or still on the fence – you should take heart in the candidate’s choice for running mate. Sen. Joe Biden brings decades of foreign policy experience to the ticket and is seen by Democrats and Republicans in Washington as highly educated and clear thinking on America’s role in the world.

"For those who have criticized Obama for ‘lacking experience’ – we don’t hire a president to micro-manage. We hire a president to make decisions. . .

"Obama, today at 3 a.m. did not answer “the call.” He made it. Today at 3 p.m., he will formally introduce the world to the O-Biden ticket. I’m hopeful again already."

Have they all fallen over the edge?

Is the mother ship about to land with anoter contingent of THEM?