Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Obama: Big Lies and Ethical Issues

The arrogant One dreamed of filling a stadium in which he would provide a King like performance. He claims to have opened it up free to the public. Yet nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth of the matter is that Obama sold these tickets one way or another. Nothing illegal with selling tickets to a speech but highly questionable. The campaign concocted a method in which to engage free labor by forcing the public to volunteer for Obama's campaign. Then Obama withholds a number of tickets in which to sell in an underground fundraiser. In all likelihood Obama would not have reported this fundraiser because as he stated the tickets were free to the public.

Obama not only lied but what he did was unethical. It may have been within the law but it was not the right thing to do. This definitely shows Obama's character and judgment. Obama claims the tickets were free then forces the recipients to work for their free tickets. Then Obama claims all the tickets were taken yet he with holds some for a private fundraiser to sell to deep pocketed donors. By having this underground fund raiser there is an increased potential for abuse in our campaign finance system. We aleady know Obama has questionable donors from the Gaza strip. Now we have Obama in covert operations to hold a fundraiser without having to report that income through the FEC.

Obama has claimed to be a different kind of politician. But utilizing secret codes and handshakes in an effort circumvent the FEC is more of the same. Is this the change we are supposed to believe in? We have to work (volunteer) for something that is free and then some lucky people actually are paying up $1,000 for the free tickets.
Obama is nothing more than an empty suit that will skirt the laws with unethical behavior.


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

It's all newspeak or, rather, Obamaspeak. Whatever he says, think the opposite. Or a couple of other alternatives. Or a handful. You may be right, but you may be wrong.

susan h said...

If you question Obama on anything he has said, he has now reverted to calling the questioner a liar. He said there was cheating during the Rick Warren conference, that somehow John McCain was given the questions in advance (Obama had no other way to account for the fact that he had a poor showing, he stumbled his way through his answers). The questions given were not brain surgery, since the theme was about "faith" so both candidates had a general idea of what the questions were to be about. But since Obama seems to be covering up and hiding so many things he does not want the public to know (birth, citizenship, associations, phony deals (Rezko) etc. etc.) he has to pick and choose so carefully what to say, it comes out all wrong.

Now he is waffling on what he said re: the born alive bills in the senate, and calling people who quoted his record "liars".

I almost wonder if Obama remembers what he said or voted on any issue, since he really has not thought through anything. He seems to be sleep-walkling through his campaign. He only comes alive when a huge adoring crowd is there singing his praises, otherwise he seems to not be present.