Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama: Biden Has Decades of Working Across the Aisle. Really?

Today while introducing his choice for Vice President Obama said Joe Biden has decades of history working across the Aisle. This is a bold faced lie. Joe Biden has been one of the most divisive partisans of all time.

Remember it was Joe Biden that led the charge in two of the most partisan attacks in American history. It was Joe Biden that made the term "Bork" a verb. As in you just got Borked. Biden led the charge in undermining Robert Bork's nomination for the Supreme Court. It was Senate Democrats led by Biden and Ted Kennedy that undermined this nomination from the start. This was nothing more than partisan attacks. The Senate democrats were determined to undermine whomever President Reagan selected because they felt any Reagan nomination would not favor their one sided liberal views. The partisan attacks started even before Bork was nominated. Biden ambushed Bork due to partisan necessities.

Also remember that it was again Biden who led the charge against Clarence Thomas. This led to another partisan attempt to undermine the President's choice for the Supreme Court vacancy. Joe Biden allowed partisan politics get in the way of National duty and service. Joe Biden has a history of partisan politics.

Obama promised change in his words. In his deeds he nominates a status quo Washington insider. Joe Biden is a partisan hack. Barack in words describes Biden as having decades of experience working across the aisle. Biden's action show decades of experience in partisan politics. Again Obama is all talk and no substance. His great lie today shows that Obama will say anything to get elected.


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Let's face it, shall we? We cannot expect anything truthful to come of Barack/Barry SoetorObamaDunham nor his campaign nor his shills and shillettes in the wrongly named MSM.

But what BBSOD and his ace advisory team don't understand is that Biden, unlike BBSOD, has a long-standing record of hyper-partisanship.

Both of there days are coming. BBSOD might find his in Denver, if he is not nominated, which, while unlikely, still could happen.

But if the O'Baden ticket survives the Demockacrats' funeral, er, uh, ah, um, convention, then the O'Baden ticket will be defeated on Election Day.

Wonder how they'll spin that, other than calling all of us who defeated them ignorant, or stupid, or racist or whatever?

Whatever, lacking any figurative testicles, BBSOD will whine and whimper and pout.

And, then, thanks be to God, he can slink back to the sewer called the Chicago Political Machine and the people of Illinois can deal with him.

robinson said...

I really can't take this blog seriously.

It's like a call and answer. The blogger writes something potentially worth talking about (but spins it into a ridiculous soapbox diatribe), and like clockwork, here comes CKAinRedStateUSA to provide the first comment... lowering the tone of the dialogue further, with his snide and sniping comments...

Move along folks, nothing worth seeing here except more name-calling and adolescent misbehavior.....

Things like the overdubbed hoax video he turned into a "measured analysis" of the candidate. Oh yes, followed immediately by a comment from Mr. RedStateMediaDrone.......

peace ya'll, see ya in November....