Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama: Attacks Palin as Another Dan Quayle

The Obama campaign and many left wing political pundits are trying to make Sarah Palin out to be another Dan Quayle. This coming from a first term Senator with zero experience in executive positions. Obama is the first term Senator. Obama pales in comparison.

Palin has a proven track record as reformer. Palin has a proven track record of changing the politics as usual. Palin has a proven track record of balancing budgets. Palin has a proven track working across the aisle. Palin has independents and democrats working in her administration. Obama has never had an administration in which to work across the Aisle. Obama is closer to being another Quayle than is Palin.

Obama is a first term senator. Quayle was at least in his second term as Senator. Quayle was prone to gaffes. Obama says we have 58 or 59 states. Quayle can't spell. Obama doesn't realize Russia has veto power in the UN Security Council. Quayle was with in a heart beat of the Presidency. Obama is within the margin of error of the Presidency.

There is a huge difference on the experience issue. Palin does have limited experience. Obama has zero experience. Palin can be mentored under John Mccain. Obama would have to go the on the job training route. Experience at the top is what really matters. Obama is the top of the ticket. Obama as less experience than the disastrous Quayle had as Vice President. Palin is on the under card. Palin has more experience than Quayle and Obama combined when it comes to executive experience. Palin is no Dan Quayle. Palin is no Obama. Palin is an excellent choice that will help move our country forward. Palin will help unite our country and help McCain give the government back to the people.


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Obama/Soetoro/Dunham's reaction is directly proportional to the intellectual vacancy, lack of testicularity and fear that permeates him and his campaign.

Given OSD's continous gaffing for the past few months, he and the OMSM owe VP Quayle an apology.

No matter.

It's revealing and hilarious to see how quickly the Obamaiots, including the chief Obamaiot, launched into her.

And in doing so, they continued to show their disdain for small-town America and its people, as well as their inherent sexism.

These fascists are so bound up in themselves, they can't perceive how absurd they continue to be.

homeofthewhopper said...

Lest we not forget. My friend made this to remind us how bad it could be.