Saturday, August 9, 2008

MSM: Zero Credibility

Over the years the MSM has been losing more and more credibility. In the 1960's, it really mattered what Walter Cronkite said. People were listening and he shaped American mindsets. His biases were evident but there were no alternate sources of information. We only had network television and independent thought processes were squelched. This has all changed. Today Americans understand the MSM is greatly biased and intentionally attempts to bend AMerican will to their point of view.

During the 2004 presidential campaign, CBS went as far as fabricating stories and forging documents. Dan Rather truly believed he was right in his thought process and therefore it would not matter how he retrieved his evidence. To him the end justified the means. Even if the document was a known forgery it did not matter because the story in his mind was true.

Now we have two stories that recently developed. One the MSM attempted to squelch the story by ignoring the story and ordering mdeia bloggers from reporting on it or investigating it. The other story is not even on their radar screen. The LA Times ordered their bloggers not to write or blog about the Edwards story. The claimed the the tabloid magazine "National Enquirer" was the only paper reporting it so it must not really be a story. Unfortunately, it was a story. John Edwards abandoned his wife when he was most needed. Affairs of the heart happen all the time. However, what Edwards did was inexcusable. Edwards spouse Elizabeth was undergoing a stressful event in her life. She was diagnosed with cancer and needed someone to lean. Hopwever, John could not handle the pressure and decided to seek out an adulterous affair in an effort to escape from the family he claimed to adore. The media did not want this story. Their bias is such that any Republican issue is a scandal but the Democrats can do no wrong. The media refused to do their job. There was an important story developing and the MSM refused to vet the candidate simply because it did not fit their agenda.

The other story involves Obama. There are suggestions that Obama may not be qualified to be President. There is evidence that the Certificate of Live Birth on Obama's anti smear website and the Daily KOS website is an outright forgery. There is evidence that Obama may either not be a natural born citizen or may have dual citizenship. I for one want to believe that there is nothing to the stories. The problem is that again our MSM refuses to investigate.

Our MSM is refusing to vet Mr. Obama. Most negative stories surrounding Barack Obama are first aired by bloggers and amateur reporters. The MSM will not allow discussion on negative Obama insights until the bloggers and amateur journalists start investigating and digging on their own and make the story. I would like to believe there is nothing to the story but the MSM has lost all credibility.

A tabloid magazine scooped the MSM. The MSM attempted to bury Larry Craig for his shenanigans with endless investigative reporting but refuses to investigate the democrats. We in America have a free press. Our media is supposed to be unbiased report the facts. Our press is not supposed to only select biased stories that support their one sided socialist viewpoints. Our media has not been charged with forging documents and ignoring stories. Our media has been charged with writing about news events that effect real Americans. If not for the bloggers and amateur journalists we would never have fair and balanced news. We would only be allowed to hear the one sided biased liberal viewpoint of a MSM that has zero credibility.


Anonymous said...

Dual citizenship appears to be currently prohibited under Kenyan law.


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

"Our MSM is refusing to vet Mr. Obama."

It might be your MSM, but not mine nor lots of people I know.

While the wrongly named "MSM" has been careening out of control for a long time, the past two or three presidential-election cycles--but particularly this one--show that the Fourth Estate has become a Fifth Column in its support for the current crop of political fascists who would install in the White House a hyper-partisan empty suit with leftist credentials.

To me, it appears that the Fourth Estate’s enemy has been and appears to remain the very democracy that affords it freedom to be the failure that it has become.

This Edwards' affair and the lack of the MSM's reporting of it signal that one of the so-called pillars of democracy--a free press--has crumbled.

And those in it who jettisoned their integrity and professionalism cannot restore what they've now arrogantly thrown away.

Findalis said...

With Obama, any criticism of him is viewed as heresy and must be avoided at all costs. If he was white, he would have been tarred and feathered by the MSM months ago.

As for Edwards, I find it strange that everyone in the world knew about the affair BUT the MSM. These days idiots like Paris Hilton are more important than those who might one day actually be President.

I wonder if we can catch Obama in an affair. Would the MSM cover that?

Miamivice said...

We must educate people about the MSM and show them real news sites\sources( I will not use alternative becase it is not) We must!!