Saturday, August 23, 2008

The MSM has Already Started Playing the Race Card

Slate magazine has decided that the only way Obama loses is if race plays a major part of the loss. According to Slate Obama has every natural and structural advantage and is running against McCain a sub par Republican candidate. Jacob Weisberg equates the dead heat we currently have to racism. Weisberg claims American voters are willfully ignorant. How dare we question the eloquent one. After all Obama has inspired millions. He has raised large sums of money and has a crack operation. How in the world could this be a dead heat without racism?

Fortunately for America we want more out of our politicians than lofty rhetoric. Eventually we require our candidates to provide substance to their rhetoric. This has nothing to do with racism. Obama has run into problems not because some believe he is a closet muslim. No these folks were never going to vote for a democrat to begin with. The 5% of voters that say they would not vote for an African American (quoted by Weisberg for a CBS/NY Times Poll) were never going to vote for a democrat to begin with. Unfortunately for Liberal rags like Slate, Obama is in a dead heat because he is an arrogant elitist.

Obama has an ego that won't quit. Obama elected to go on vacation instead of addressing the Georgian crisis. Obama went on a victory tour of Europe but he forgot our wounded heroes. Obama claims America has 59 States. Obama offers an energy plan consisting of higher oil costs and inflating tires. Obama childishly flips off Hillary at a campaign event. None of these facts has anything to do with racism. They have to do with Obama being a immature out of touch politician.

Obama lied about his vote on the infants alive act saying that the language of the bill was not the same as the unanimous federal. Obama claims he would have voted for the federal bill. However, in 2003 Obama derailed a bill in Illinois that would have protected botched abortion victims. Instead Obama railed against it because it would have over burdened doctors. Obama now lies about this vote. Is it racism that made Obama lie about his record? I think not.

Here is the Bottom line, Slate, Obama does not have that great of organization. When Obama does not have a teleprompter in front of him, Obama stutters and stammers and spouts some of the most ridiculous utterances ever heard. Yes Obama does has raised unprecedented campaign funds and has inspired millions. This sounds more like a cult leader though and not the most Presidential. America needs a leader that will inspire a country not just the selected few. We need a leader that has ideas to move America forward not someone who speaks lofty rhetoric with no real ideas. Obama is in a dead heat and in danger of losing because of Obama's lack of maturity. Leave the race card at home liberals and stay focused on the issues.

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CKAinRedStateUSA said...

No surprise that Slate and the the wrongly named MSM would set the stage -- actually resets that stage; how many times can it be reset? -- for the Barack/Barry SoetorObamaDunham to claim that his putative opponent -- BBSOD has yet to be nominated, though the WNMSM and his camp don't seem to understand that -- has used the race card against him.

Before racial arsonist BBSOD loses in November -- again, if the Demockacrats actually nominate him -- HE will play the race card numerous times, he will whine, he will whimper, he will do demonize those of us who do not worship him and vote for him, he will be unglued.

And right there with him will be the WNMSM, apologists all for the empty suit from Chicago, with no ethics or professional left. Nor credibility.