Sunday, August 31, 2008

McCain Gets It

In spite of what Obama says, John McCain gets it. Obama claims McCain is out of touch because he doesn’t know how many houses his wife owns. Obama claims that he feels our pain because like the rest of us Obama only has one house. Obama claims that McCain doesn’t get it because for the last thirty years we have known about the energy issue and McCain was in the Senate for 26 of them. In reality these are baseless claims and it is Obama that is an out of touch elitist.

First look at experience. Obama graduated from Harvard. Obama was a professor, community organizer, State Senator, Freshman US Senator, and Presidential candidate. McCain graduated from Annapolis. McCain was a fighter pilot, a commander, a US house of representative, a US senator, and Presidential candidate. Obama has no bills with his name on it that shows he works across the Aisle. How can someone unite our country if they have never worked with people with differing viewpoints? John McCain does have a history of working across the Aisle. There is the McCain-Feingold Act. Which was meant to take corruption and money out of our politics. McCain also worked with Ted Kennedy on immigration reform. What bills can Obama claim. The answer is none because Obama has been to busy running for President since 2005.

Now look at the choices for Vice President. Obama reached out to the status quo. Joe Biden is a classic inside the beltway politician. Biden has been in the Senate since 1972. John McCain was sitting in a Vietnam POW camp in 1972. McCain may have been around 26 of the 30 years since the energy crisis started but Joe Biden has been around for all thirty of them. Sarah Palin on the other hand is an outside the beltway choice. She is about as far away from Washington one get and still be able to govern a State. Palin is the mother of five and has been able to juggle home life and professional life. Palin ran a successful business. Palin ran a the largest state in the country; Biden is a Senator from one of the smallest. Palin has worked to cross the partisan divide. She has both independents and democrats in her administration. Biden led the fight in two of the most partisan debates in recent memory. He led the fight to derail the nomination of Robert Bork. Biden also led the failed attempt to derail Clarence Thomas.

Obama and Biden are elitists. Obama for all of his race baiting claims that the Republicans will scare Americans because Obama does not have the same pedigree as our past presidents is ridiculous. Obama comes from the same elitist pedigrees as our past Presidents. Obama received a law degree from Harvard. Is this not the same pedigree as most of our previous presidents? No it is McCain and Palin that do not have the same pedigree. McCain and Palin neither one is a lawyer. Neither is ivy league educated. Obama claims that he will go through the budget line by line and cut failed programs. Yet Obama has been one of the most guilty when it comes to supporting failed programs. Just look at the $100 million dollars Obama spent with his corrupt and terrorist friends on the failed Annenberg challenge. Biden’s son is a lobbyist that has benefited from both his father and Obama. John McCain has never accepted an earmark and Sarah Palin has fought big oil in her state.

Obama you are wrong. It is you that does not get it. John McCain recognizes the American people are ready for a change. We desire knew leadership with new ideas. We do not desire the same old repackaged ideas of the past. Barack Obama and Joe Biden represent the failed Jimmy Carter Politics. John McCain gets it. He represents outside the beltway ideas. Ideas that start in middle America. John McCain true to his outside the box thinking brought in new blood. John McCain brought in fresh new ideas. John McCain now represents change and reform while Obama represents the failed policies of the status quo.

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Great piece, Liz -- you get it!