Saturday, August 9, 2008

McCain: Courage and Leadership

This week has provided opportunities for both John McCain and Barack Obama to act presidential. John McCain displayed his knowledge and abilities while Obama decided a vacation was more important.

The Democrats adjourned the People's house a little over a week ago. Republicans stayed behind and debated the merits of Off Shore drilling. America is in the midst of a energy crisis and Nancy Pelosi adjourned the people's house with nary a vote on energy proposals. Last week, I wrote a piece stating that Obama has lacked leadership on energy but had a historic opportunity to display that he was more than an empty suit and show he truly is a leader. Obama could have taken his campaign to Washington DC and demanded that Nancy, Harry, and the rest of the lame excuse ridden Democrats back to work to accomplish the people's business. Obama decided he also needed to take a vacation even though the Senate has not adjourned. McCain yesterday, went to Washington DC and implored Obama to lead. McCain joined John Boehner and requested Obama to rally his Democratic Party that he leads to reopen the people's house . McCain displayed leadership when it matters most.

Yesterday, Russia attacked Georgia. Again both candidates had a historic opportunity to shape American Foreign policy. McCain strongly condemned Russia and demanded an immediate withdrawal. McCain went as far as calling for the European Union and Nato to get involved in an effort to resolve the Georgian crisis. Obama on the other hand gave a half hearted condemnation and suggested the two sides have direct talks. There was no call for the European Union diplomats nor the NATO diplomats to aid in conflict resolution. No Obama decided the UN Security Council needed to resolve the issue. Obama deferred a strong US response to the weak United Nations. Obama turned his back on the world when the world needed America to lead with a strong unified condemnation.

America needs a leader who leads in both the good times and the bad times. We do not need a leader that turns his back when America is facing a crisis. Average Americans will be unable to afford to heat their homes this winter unless comprehensive energy policies are passed immediately to reduce the cost of oil. We can not wait for the prices to rise and offer tire gauges and $1,000 tax credits to fix the problem. Neither of these energy proposals will do much to reduce the cost of oil. America requires leadership when volatile world events erupt. McCain displayed strong leadership and demanded Russia immediately withdraw. Obama lacked leadership and only suggested the two sides sit down and have direct talks.

McCain has displayed courage and leadership under fire. McCain never backed away when the going got tough. McCain stood by his surge philosophy and understood that Iraq was a war we could not lose. McCain has offered energy proposals that incorporate long range alternative fuel development with short term supply increases. In the short term off shore drilling will reduce the cost of oil until McCain's long range plans will dimish our dependence on foreign oil. McCain shows his courage and leadership. Obama shows his back and walks away from problems. McCain understand America. Obama takes vacations.


estelita said...

He's given us his two-cents worth: Russia and Georgia must have direct talks. Barack is more suited to be a preacher than a POTUS.

CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Sorry, estelita, Obama is not better suited to be a preacher. The ones I know are men and women of integrity who take to heart that words without deeds is worthless. And that lies are unacceptable. And that love, not racial hatred and sarcasm and divisiveness and infanticide, amongh other things, is what Christ Jesus taught and lived. And that we are to love one another, not exploit one another.

Obama's more suited to being, well, what is he suited well to being other than a creation of the Chicago political machine, out of which he's crawled?

Cat in NJ said...

Obama is better suited to Hollywood and the Academy Awards. He's quite the persuasive thespian in front of the teleprompter. I, for one, am not impressed. Never a vote for this fraud.

As time and tests of the candidates come to pass, this 25-year Democrat feels more confident my vote for McCain this November is what is now best for our country.