Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain: Absolutely Brilliant

John McCain upstaged the naive senator from Illinois today. John McCain displayed his absolute brilliance today when he named Sarah Palin as his Vice President nominee. What a choice. This selection shows McCain is serious about change. This selection also shows McCain has the skills and knowledge necessary to lead our country.

Immediately following the selection of his running mate the Democrats went wild. They attempted to undermine the selection by saying she was not qualified to be vice president. The problem with this line of undermining is that it is untrue. Sarah Palin is not at the top of the ticket. John McCain is and he has unquestionable qualifications. On the other hand Obama is on the top of the ticket for the democrats. Obama has no qualifications that even compare to Palin. Palin is the governor of the largest state in our great republic. Palin was the mayor of a small town within commuting distance of Anchorage. As mayor she was elected President of the conference of mayors. Obama on the other hand was elected President of the Harvard Law review. Obama was a community organizer while Palin was President of the conference of Mayors. Obama was a state senator funneling ill advised taxpayer fundng to Bill Ayers for a failed education program in Chicago while Palin was an ethics commisioner for the State oil and gas conservation commission. Obama run for President during his US senatorial first term while Palin was busy fighting corruption in Alaskan politics as Governor of a state. Not much of a comparison when it comes to qualifications for President and Palin is only vying for the vice presidency.

Another Democratic attack on Palin is that she has a 4 month old baby with Downs Syndrome and will not have enough time to care for the child. But again lets make the comparison. Palin is a pro-life woman. She decided to have this child and made that choice. Obama on the other hand supported a Chicago doctor, nurse, and hospital when they allowed a baby with Down Syndrome to die without medical attention following a botched abortion. Obama could have supported the Born Alive Infants Protection act. Instead Obama said it would put to much strain on he system to allow these babies to live. The only reason this mother wanted an abortion was because the baby was diagnosed with Down Syndrome before it was born. When the abortion attempt was botched the Doctor left the baby to die. A nurse laid the baby in a soiled utility closet to die. Another nurse cuddled the baby and sat and held this innocent child until the baby died 45 minutes later. Not much of a choice here either. Palin makes the tough choices and lives with the consequences. Obama supports allowing the innocent to die all the while protecting the guilty.

Again this move was a brilliant move by McCain. McCain manuevered Obama into making a poor decision. As the vice preseidential selection process was heating up McCain started showing Hillary's 3:00 am ad. McCain started airing ads proclaiming the weakness of Obama and the lack of experience. Obama was pressured into making a selection that would bolster his Foreign policy credentials. Obama the candidate of change selects Joe Biden. Joe Biden is a Washington insider. Joe Biden has been Senator of Deleware for 36 years. So when Obama talked about the energy crisis being around for the last 30 years and stating that McCain has been around Washington for 26 of them he failed to understand that his candidate has been around for all thirty of them plus a few years. Then after McCain forces Obama into a poor decision McCain picks a woman to be on his ticket. This is agreat pick for McCain.

The Republicans do not have to worry about a divided convention. McCain made a pick that will unite all of the party. McCain made a pick that will pick up former Hillary supporters and and that possesses broad appeal to independents. Palin is a proven agent of change. Obama is an empty suit that speaks of change. Hillary Clinton made the case back in February for Obama to stop the campaign and join Hillary as Vice President. Obama backers said why should he quit when he was winning. The Democrats divided their party and had to go to their convention in effort unite. The Republicans are now united and go to the convention with a proven maverick with the utmost experience and a proven fighter of government corruption. McCain represents leadership and Palin represent change. Obama represents inexperience and Biden represents more of the same. McCain was absolutely brilliant today.

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HeroicLife said...

Whereas previously, a Down’s child could be born without the prior knowledge of the mother, going forward, a parent with a Down’s child will likely have made a conscious choice to have that child. As prenatal testing for trisomy 21 becomes ubiquitous, Down’s children (and eventually those with other genetic disorders) will increasingly become symbols of faith – a freak show meant to communicate the “family values” of their parents. The children will become public sacrifices made by their parents for their faith. They will be a symbol of religious reverence in the same way as the scarred backs of Catholics who flagellate themselves, or Buddhist monks who set themselves on fire, or Sunni Muslims who mutilate their girl’s genitals or Shiites who bloody their children’s heads with swords.

Genuine moral virtues – such as integrity, honesty, and productivity are not useful as evidence of religious virtue. To the extent that their practical benefit is visible to everyone, they do not represent the special domain of religion. To demonstrate religious virtue, it is necessary to sacrifice authentic moral values in favor of “religious” values. The particular object of the sacrifice is not important – there is nothing particularly “biblical” about being prolife (the Christian bible just as easily supports the opposite position.) If Christian fundamentalists decided that cutting of one’s hand sufficed as proof of moral virtue, they would be wrong to do so, but not much more so than the numerous other ways that people find to be self-destructive.

What is really vicious about fundamentalists in America is that the prey on the most vulnerable –poor pregnant young girls and women, those dying from painful terminal illnesses, the loved ones of brain-dead patients, — and children afflicted with terrible genetic illnesses. One can at least grasp the moral indifference with which a fundamentalist can force a single young mother to abandon her goals and dreams and condemn her and her child to poverty. But what can we say about a parent that chooses a life of suffering upon their child? If we are morally outraged by child rapists, how should we judge a parent who chooses a lifetime of suffering on their own child?