Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kaine Short List Candidate; Short on Crisis

Today Tim Kaine gave Obama credit where no credit is due. Kaine was interviewed on Fox News and announced that the cease fire between Russia and Georgia was due to the strong response by Obama. Only Obama's "tough and smart" words were able to create space for an immediate ceasefire. The problem is that Russia never recognized the cease fire and Obama required three chances to finally deliver an appropriate tough and smart response.

As posted in an earlier blog entry, Obama's initial response was weak kneed and called for UN security council action. The problem with this response from Obama is that the UN is toothless. Especially when Russia holds permanent membership and veto authority. Please Mr. Kaine explain how that response was either tough or smart. Russia certainly would have vetoed any resolution that was against their aggressive actions. Not too smart to trade barbs with the aggressor in the security council. Obama also did not initially call for a ceasefire. His only recommendation was direct talks between Russia and Georgia. We all see what good direct talks did. A ceasefire is negotiated that goes unrecognized by the aggressor. Finally on Obama's third response he sounded like McCain and came out strong. Obama had a 3:00 am moment and missed an opportunity. It was McCain that said the European Union and NATO needed to involve themselves to negotiate a truce, not Obama. Obama suggested the UN security council where Russia has veto power.

Now Russia will not even recognize Georgia's sovereignty. The French actually led the way in truce discussions. There was no UN involvement as suggested by Obama. The Kremlin says the US must choose between a partnership with Russia or the US ties with Georgia. It's a moment of truth. It takes strength to deal with international incidents and crisis'. What would Obama do? Tim Kaine said the crisis was averted because of Obama's smart and tough response. The surrogate was wrong. Kaine was on Obama's short list for VP. That list just got shorter because Kaine was shorter than Obama on the Georgian crisis. Obama was weak and showed his ignorance on international relations. Kaine attempted to gain favor by giving credit where none is due. Obama represents leadership the US can do without.


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Dear Barack Obama, or whatever your real name is--and whatever citizenship, not U.S., you might hold--please, please, please pick Tim Kaine as your veep choice.

Pretty please?

Anonymous said...

Nobody with any ambition will serve under Mr. Obama. He wins, you're going nowhere in 2012; he loses, you're going nowhere in 2012.