Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's 3:00 am; Where's Obama?????

Yesterday, Russia attacked a sovereign nation. This violence erupted with little forewarning and showed how quickly events can lead to armed conflict around the world. This attack is the 3:00 am moment Hillary Clinton discussed during her primary campaign. It's 3:00 am and where is Obama?

Obama provided prepared remarks that showed his lack of experience and his disastrous approach regarding foreign policy. Obama then decided to display his lack of leadership and shove off for the warmer climate in Hawaii. Is this Obama's leadership? When the world turns volatile will Obama be there. Again using his own actions rather than his empty promises we see he will turn his back and leave. Obama should have displayed his courage and leadership. He should have canceled his vacation plans and starting working with the current administration on a plan to resolve the situation. Obama solemn remarks were not a strong condemnation. His idea to work it out with the UN security council is inappropriate. Obama even in his words show his weak-kneed approach to foreign policy. Carrying on with original vacation plans and leaving the work to others shows Obama is not a leader who has ideas. Obama as President would be nothing more than a figurehead. His hands off foreign policy will allow an already volatile world to become even more unpredictable and volatile than it already is.

Obama sounded weak and sappy yesterday in his remarks. His condemnation of Russia was weak. He did not demand an immediate withdrawal. Obama only offered the idea of direct talks. What Obama does not understand is that it is difficult to talk to with a country that just invaded your sovereignty. There is no doubt that Russia invading Georgia. There is no doubt that Russia plans on occupying Ossetia. Obama looked tired in his response. Obama sounded weak in his response. Obama appeared disinterested in his response. It's 3:00 am and Where's Obama? He is disinterested, uncaring, and on vacation.


Anonymous said...

Does he know where Georgia is?


Anonymous said...

I'm sure someone had to tell him that Georgia isn't in the southern part of the US. This guy is a clueless moron. His total lack of interest in the video clip is glaring.

I can hear him whining now. I'm tired brother. Can't you just leave me alone.

Anonymous said...

rumor has it he is fixing his birth certificate - Old Chicago Style!

cajuncocoa said...

Let's hope we never need to know where Obama is in that "3 a.m. moment"

We need real leadership, the kind that only Hillary Clinton or John McCain could provide.

CKAinRedStateUSA said...

C'mon, now, go easy on the young fella.

He's just espousing the Obama Doctrine. You know, talk'em to death at the negotiating table.

It's curious, isn't it, that his answer to most everything seems to be talk?

I guess that's all the arrows in the quiver of a man who has no experience in, well, anything, but political manipulation and prevarication?

JGrover said...

1. Just curious, but everything I've read says Georgia kicked the hornets nest in the hopes of presenting Putin with a fait accompli while P was at the Olympics with Bush. Pretty stupid move - they knew the Russians would respond with force.

2. Exactly who is going to take the presumptive nominee for the opposing party seriously when he shows up at the White House to help forge a solution to this?

3. Do you have a better idea than using the UN? Cause I gotta tell you, we don't need to fight Russia right now.

4. And yeah, I'm voting McCain, but this post needs some thinking before typing.

Kim said...

Is Russia racist by invading Georgia and causing Obama's to uhm his way through another pathetic foreign policy statement on his vacation? The guns on those tanks look awfully phallic.

Anonymous said...

As a matter of fact I do have a better idea. We need to engage with the European Union and Nato. Both are in the region and are capable of using the full spectrum of power. The UN has no teeth and never did. If the UN had teeth we would not be in Iraq. If the UN had teeth we would not be in Kosovo. If the UN had teeth the US would not be in a lot of places. The UN is the worst fraud of an organization in the history of man.

Anonymous said...

The blind always leads the blind, just as he vacations hollywood-style in Oahu.