Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Farce That is The Democratic National Convention

The democrats are putting on quite a show. They are making false claims that McCain is pursuing a $4 billion tax break for big oil companies. They claim that Mccain is against alternative energy plan. They claim McCain is against energy independence. These are lies and the democrats know it.

First of all the tax break McCain has proposed is an across the board tax cut on all corporations. Why is this good for America? The answer is simple. Less taxes on corporations means more jobs for Americans. High corporate tax rates as Obama intends increase joblessness. We must face some tough realities. Businesses are in business for one reason and that is to make money. If a business is not profitable that business will go out of business. Higher tax rates mean less profits. Less profits equals less jobs. With our economy on the brink of recession is less jobs really in our best interest? Our economy has lost jobs for the past 6 months. Do we really want to increase unemployment rates? The farce going on in Denver will spread lies and untruths.

The Democrats are also claiming McCain is against alternative fuels. This is another outright lie. McCain has proposed increased initiatives in alternatives fuels. McCain is for furthering our nuclear energy technology and focusing on alternatives in which we have current technology. Obama is only for solar, wind, and biofuels. The problem with these alternatives is the same that Europe faces. Europe has Wind farms. The German people hate them. They hate them for two reasons. One the wind farms are an eyesore. No one wants to see these monstrosities in their backyard. It is no different in America. There is no way Americans want to ruin their scenic National parks to be used for this purpose. The second reason is that the windmills are expensive. The wind farms are not cost effective and never pay off their costs. This is an unprofitable business and will constantly drain resources from the treasury. Solar Energy is great as long as the sun is shining. However, again people do not want to see the battery packs that are necessary to store the energy in their back yard. Biofuels is a waste of time. Using food stuffs to make energy is not the brightest idea in the world. One of the reasons inflation is on the rise is because both energy and food prices are rising. Food prices are rising because of the drain on food products used to make biofuels. McCain desires alternative energy resources that available now. Alternative sources that will reduce our dependence on foreign oil now. Alternative sources that will reduce the cost of gasoline today. Obama wants the price of gasoline to increase to the point of being unaffordable. Obama has proposed increased taxes on oil companies. Obama has proposed increasing the gasoline tax the consumer pays at the pump (a regressive tax by the way).

The Democrats stated that McCain is against America obtaining energy independence from foreign countries. Nothing could be further from the truth. McCain has proposed lifting the ban on off shore drilling. McCain is for America using its own oil to relieve the pressure of being dependent on foreign oil. McCain is for an all of the above energy plan. He wants to increase research into alternative fuels. McCain wants to use the resources we have today to move us toward the future. Obama and the democrats are against using the resources we have today. They would rather we wait 10 years to reap the benefits of emerging technology. We do not have the technology today to get where we want to be tomorrow. The democrats would rather have Americans feel the pain until we get alternative fuels to sustain our economy. The democrats refuse to even vote on drilling even though an overwhelming majority of Americans want drilling. This begs the question " who are the democrats governing for?" It is certainly not the American people.

The problem with the line of attack on McCain is that it is based on lies. The energy crisis will make or break our economy. Follow the Obama tax and wait philosophy and we won't have to worry about energy to fuel our economy because we will not have an economy.

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