Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dissent: Lawsuits, Jail, and more lawsuits.

The party of dissent has sunk to knew lows. Earlier in the week Obama filed a complaint with the justice department and filed a lawsuit against a Republican 527. It seems Obama does not like the fact that he has befriended a known terrorist as the following video depicts.

Now Obama can not dispute the fact that he decided to make friends with Bill Ayers. Obama made a counter argument that McCain is stuck in the sixties while he is thinking of the future. Obama accurately says he was only eight years old when Ayers committed heinous terrorists acts. Obama also says that Ayers is just someone that lives in the neighborhood. These are false portrayals. The connection between Ayers and Obama runs deep. The Annanberg files were just released that prove Obama lied when he said it was a casual relationship. Obama lies when he claims that Ayers was just another neighbor. The reality is that Obama chose to make friends with William Ayers. Even after the unrepentant terrorist told Americans that his only regret was that he did not do enough Obama decided to remain in a close relationship. This is a display of poor judgment. Now when he gets hit with a political ad from a 527 (similar to Obama decides tosue to keep it off the air. Obama threatens the broadcasters and seeks relief from the department of justice. So tell me just what is wrong with an ad that shows the truth?

A months ago the democrats led by Obama threatened to sue OPEC because of high fuel costs. What a joke that is. Sure lets go ahead and sue foreign countries simply because the free market shows a lack of supply and the price of fuel raises finding an equilibrium. Sure lets sue these countries. Please tell what this lawsuit will do to lower fuel costs. The lawsuit against OPEC was of course the democrats answer to the American people that are demanding with overwhelming support to drill off shore of America. What a joke. When the party of dissent sees dissension against their policies they seek out to file lawsuits to shut the dissenters out.

Now just today the democrats had a Reporter thrown in jail for doing his job. Now I am not a big fan of the MSM and feel that the MSM has neglected its responsibilities but throwing a guy in jail for doing his job is ridiculous. Asa Eslocker was doing some investigated reporting. The reporter was investigating the corruption with Senior Democratic Senators and Wealthy donors. The answer was not transparancy in government but rather throw the guy in jail for exposing corruption in the Democratic party.

What a shame that the Democrats have no answer. They are very good at saying we can not afford another 4 years of George Bush. I may even agree with that idea. The problem though is George Bush is not running. Constitutional term limits have already determined this. So why are the democrats so busy filing lawsuits, throwing Reporters in jail, and campaigning against George Bush. The answer is really simple. The Democrats have no ideas, no answers, and Nobama. What a disgrace the democratic party has become.

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CKAinRedStateUSA said...

At least fascist Barack H. Obama, or Barry Soetoro, or Barry Dunham, or whatever his real name might actually be, is attempting to use our legal system.

But it's funny, isn't it, how they resort to the courts for just about everything, including their unwillingness or inability to legislate?