Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Democrats are Furious

Barack Obama and the democratic party are reeling this weekend. They were blindsided by the wily “old guy”. Who says experience doesn’t matter. McCain selected a game changer and the democrats are furious. The Democrats are furious because in their heart of hearts they believed they had demagogued women and minority issues. They could nominate whomever they wanted because this was their year and they owned the votes that really were going to matter (women and minorities).

Then along comes John McCain. McCain has the audacity to select a woman to second chair his administration. How dare he. This is not the way it was supposed to be. The Republicans are not for women’s reproductive rights. There is no way a woman could ever vote for a republican. Hillary voters would have no choice but to come home to the democratic ticket. But alas the bold move was made by McCain not them.

The democrats chose to nominate an inexperienced political novice to become president. Obama was going to be able to race bait and play up the fact that a vote against Obama was a vote for racism. Obama played this up in his acceptance speech. Obama said the republicans would run a campaign that said Obama did not have the same pedigree as other Presidents. What he was saying is that he did not look like other presidents. It was just his code for race baiting the electorate. McCain took this line away from Obama. If Obama is going to race bait now he will have to use another line that will be even more apparent than the lack of pedigree line. Newsweek will no longer be able to say we are racist if we do not vote for Obama. There is now another tack to take to combat the media bias towards Obama. When the media race baits McCain can now say a vote against him is vote in favor of sexism.

The truth is that the democrats have only one issue for women. The only issue for women is the abortion issue. The democrats always felt that they could ignore the women vote because most women favor the right to choose and that is what they stood for. There was no way a democrat could ever lose the woman vote. So the democrats chose to ignore the women and even told them to fall in line and shut up. This was Obama’s chance and not theirs. The democrats felt they could never lose this election and this was going to be the year they would tackle race issues. After all they had an eloquent speaker that brought visions of Martin Luther King. They had a candidate that was young and good looking in the mold of John F. Kennedy. The party would be united because they believed that even though they took the women vote for granted they had no other choice but to fall in line.

Now along comes wilyMcCain and his cagy selection of Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin fits the mold that rallies the conservative Republican base. Palin is a social, economic, and national security conservative. She is pro life. She cut wasteful spending including selling the governors private jet on ebay. She supports a comprehensive energy plan that provides short term relief and long term alternative energy ideas. She supports the war effort and desires we win this war. In fact, both candidates on this ticket will have children in the zone. On the democrat side only half the ticket can claim the same. Yes the shoe fits and Palin can not only talk the talk she has walked the walk.

There are so many issues that are important to women. No longer is abortion the sole women issue. Women have come up against the glass ceiling. America seriously lags behind the rest of world when it comes to government roles for women. Equal pay and equal rights for women is just as important as if not more than abortion. Women desire to be treated as equals in the workplace. They are tired of not getting the same pay as their male counter parts for the same work. John McCain does in fact provide women campaign and senate staffers the same pay as males on his campaign and senate staff. In fact he actually pays them better than he does the men. Obama on the other hand pays the women on his staff much less their counter parts. Obama chose to ignore women because he took it for granted that they had no where else to go. John McCain provided them a new place to go. Granted many women will not vote for McCain/ Palin simply because of the abortion issue. But some women will give John McCain another look and see if there are any other positions that are represented by McCain that they could support. No McCain did not put Palin on the ticket just to pick a woman. He selected Palin because she counters the Obama campaign meme.

Obama is running on hope and change. Obama is running on a pessimistic outlook of America. Palin takes this issue away from Obama and the democrats are angry. The democrats have attacked Palin. However, every attack on Palin is an attack on their own candidate. The democrats say Palin has zero experience but she has more experience then their top of the ticket. They portray Palin as being another Dan Quayle but Obama has less experience than even Dan Quayle. Palin is the Governor of the largest state but is denigrated because it is not an elitist state.

The Democrats are furious because they were caught flatfooted. Palin was not brought on the ticket to bring all of the Women Hillary voters. Some of the Hillary supporters are untouchable to any Republican. Many Hillary voters in California, New York, or Massachusetts will vote for a Republican. But these are not the target for Palin. Palin will be targeting both men and women Hillary voters in Nevada, Michigan, Colorado, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. That is why the democrats are furious. The democrats ignored the women in swing states that Palin will be able to appeal to. The Obama attacks on Palin in these states will not play the same way as it would in the more liberal states. The democrats are calling this a political move by McCain. This is just a little disingenuous in light of the fact that is why Joe Biden was selected by Obama. Obama knew he would get hammered for lacking experience so he selected a democrat from a blue state. The hope was that Biden could help in swing states with the blue collar workers by portraying Biden as a Scranton, PA guy. This would have worked but Palin diminishes Biden’s role because unlike Biden who only lived in Scranton up to the age of 10, Palin has lived in the wild frontier her whole life. She represents middle America. She was a union member. Her husband is in the union. Biden and Obama are lawyers and Obama is Ivy League educated;neither were ever in a union. We know have two contrasting Presidential tickets. We can vote for the status quo ticket with two partisan senators (Obama 96%, Biden 97%) or we can vote for the ticket with two mavericks that put their country ahead of themselves. McCain and Palin are proven reformers. Obama and Biden are more of the same. Yes the democrats were caught flatfooted and their demagoguery of women issues will come to an end. The Democrats should never have abandoned their roots. Traditional blue collar workers and women now have a clear choice and that is why the democrats are furious.


David Adams said...

Brilliant assessment and commentary. Thanks!
The tide has clearly turned. And now that it looks like the GOP convention is all but cancelled, next week will be even better as the Dems will learn Americans think their snarking from the sidelines makes them look very, very small.

CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Thanks for the post.

The Demockacrats, liberals and leftists -- including their mouthpieces in the wrongly named MSM and all over the blogopsphere -- are not just furious, which, by the way, comes out of their initial reaction: fear.

They know they have been overrun. They were having doubts they would not win, but now know they cannot. They are frightened and confused.

And with their slanderous personal attacks on Gov. Palin, they fully expose themselves as the fascists, misogynists and misanthropes they are.

The hatred that emanates from their dark hearts is frightening.

But it will not prevail.