Thursday, August 28, 2008

Democratic Claims About Poor Economy and Iraq Failure Greatly Exagerrated

For the last four days we have been subjected to an Obama love fest. Now as every Presidential Nominee deserves it should be a love fest for the faithful followers. I have no problem and truly congratulate Barack for his historic emergence as the Democratic Nominee. However, the false claims that have been going on for the last four days need to be addressed.

Yesterday Joe Biden had the audacity to claim the Obama was right on the war and McCain was wrong. Biden uses as his example the timeline that the Iraqi's imposed for US withdrawal from Iraq. Now there is a big difference between what happened in the Democratic government in Iraq and what Obama and the Democrats were saying just a few short months ago. A little over a year ago the Democrats led by Obama, Reid, and Pelosi were saying that Iraq was a quagmire. Iraq was nothing more than another Vietnam. "We have lost the war" said Harry Reid. Obama said that we needed to withdraw and withdraw now. There was no reason to stop the civil war that ensued the US invasion. The Democrats even attempted to undermine the Petraeus report from Iraq. The Democrats could not wait to see what the report had to say. even went as far as to say General Petraeus was betraying his country. This summer after Obama visited Iraq he went as far as to say the the surge did not work and undermined our soldiers. Obama even snubbed our wounded soldiers when Obama's campaign advisors and reporters were denied being on the visit. Now Biden says Obama was right all along? The fact is the surge worked. The surge created the space necessary for the Iraqi government to operate. Al Gueda is on the run and unable to mount any real threats. The fact is that Iraq demanded a withdrawal of US soldiers because of the successful surge. We won the war in Iraq because of the courage displayed by John McCain. We won the war in spite of Obama and Democrats call for failure.

Bill Clinton claimed the mantle of being a better President than George Bush. Clinton said he lacked experience just like Obama and look how his presidency turned out. Yes we should look. Clinton is still only the second President to ever be impeached. Clinton not only lied but he lied under oath. Clinton allowed the terrorists like Bin Laden to strengthen. Rather than show strength when terrorists attacked Clinton hid his head in the sand and offered only a minimal response. Clinton claims record surpluses in the government under his watch. However, that is more than just a little disingenuous. The budget was not exactly balanced as the surplus was only in the fact that we were not completely draining the social security trust fund. Now Clinton would never had balanced the budget except the Republicans demanded it. Remember in 1994 Clinton lost control of the Congress. It was the Republicans that reduced the budget. Now I will even give Bill some credit. He did have the savvy to realize that he had to work with the Republicans are risk his legacy.

Now the Democrats are running on the economy and Iraq. If these are anyone's issue than the choice could not be clearer. Do we want a President that would talk to the worlds most oppressing dictators without preconditions or someone that would stand up to these dictators and demand compliance with the will of the rest of the world. Obama will talk and take our diplomacy to the UN. McCain will take action and make coalitions in spite of the UN. Just look at the responses to Russia concerning the invasion of Georgia. Obama said he would take it to the UN security Council and McCain condemned the Russians and demanded withdrawal. Obama's response was ridiculous. Especially in light of the fact that Russia has veto power over any resolution in the security council. McCain's response was clear and concise. Hitting and condemning the Russians showing strength.

How about the economy? Obama is for raising taxes on the wealthy. This makes great soundbites. The evil corporations are making a killing. So we will tax them more and give it to the poor and needy. The problem with this theory is that the evil corporations and small businesses in America create the jobs that are necessary to provide the poor an opportunity. McCain offers across the board tax cuts that make sure the evil corporations are in a position to research and develop new technology that will move the country forward. Now in this horrible recession we are in (oh by the way grew at rate of 3.3%) we need to raise our taxes and inflate out tires. The greatest detractor from our economy currently is the high energy costs. Obama says inflate your tires, wait for emerging technology, and do nothing as his energy policies all the while claiming he will provide a middle class tax cut. Seems like this is exactly what Bill Clinton said in 1992. Of course that prior to being elected. However, the first thing Bill did as President is raise the most regressive Tax in America; the gasoline tax.

Yes it is true the Democrats take credit for all of our successes and pass the buck on our failures. The surge was successful and Obama attempts to make the claim Iraq agrees with him. I wonder why the Iraqi's did not agree with him before the surge? Was it because he was wrong all along. Yes. Obama is change we can live without.

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