Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Chosen One Chooses to Sell Out America

Today the chosen one shows just how patriotic he is by selling out his country. In Lynchburg, Virginia, Obama tells a crowd of faithful cultists that American needs to lead by example and not charge into other countries. Never in my life have I heard a Presidential candidate that was so down on America.

American Presidents are supposed to be the optimists that lead a country through the tough times. Yet Obama only offers pessimism. Obama offers little in form of substance only capitalizing on the problems and issues facing America. We are in a tough war where our fighting men and women are dying in an effort to establish a democracy in Iraq. Obama has the audacity to compare America toppling a tyrant that flaunted the UN Security resolutions. For the 12 years building up to the Iraq war Saddam continuously flaunted the resolutions in front of the toothless UN security council. Saddam continuously tried to break the no fly zones. Saddam continuously fired Anti Aircraft Guns at our airmen patrolling the UN recognized no fly zones. Saddam continuously threw out weapons inspectors in an effort to conceal clandestine weapons development. Yet Obama sells out his country and tells the world America has sinned.

Obama's initial response to the Georgia crisis was to send the issue to the UN security council. Did Obama really believe that would work? After all Russia has a permanent seat on the council and has absolute veto power over any resolution. Does Obama really believe the UN security council is the answer? After all they were toothless in their efforts to secure compliance of their resolutions with Iraq.

Obama is a pessimistic apologist. As evidenced by his selling out of America it is obvious he is trying to apologize for America. Obama's statements about engaging our sworn enemies without preconditions takes on a whole new light knowing that Obama will simply apologize for America's past transgressions. Obama has made reparations a staple of his campaign. On one stop he said America needed to atone for its sins with more than just words. Again by focusing on our past failings he is apologizing and displays his pessimistic views. Is this what we want as President?

An Obama presidency would be a disaster. Obama would be running around the world apologizing for America's past transgressions. He would tell the leaders how he feels their pain. If America were again attacked by either terrorists or rogue nations would Obama respond with more apologies? Would he tell our attackers we needed to lead by example and would not strike back. America will never be the same again if Obama is elected. America would be a burning uninhabitable place for a million years as Obama would emboldened our sworn enemies by showing he has the lack of courage necessary to defend our great nation. America can do better. We need a President that will lead us into the future. A leader that will recognize our strengths and improve our weaknesses. We do not need a pessimistic apologist. We do not need a president that would sell out his country.


Anonymous said...

He really got that Iraq bee in his bonnet.

No responsible politician can promise his country will never invade another one. That's utter nonsense.

Obama is totally unable to admit he can be wrong.


susan h said...

When Obama ran for the U.S. Senate in Illinois, he told a group of students that he would not approve reparations for slavery, that he was the senator of all people, and could not single out one group and focus on them. When did he change his game plan and decide reparations are in order? I heard him give that speech to the students and at the time I was impressed with his sense of fairness. Since then I have been disgusted with Obama and feel he is the most insincere, inexperienced, deceptive politician America has seen since Richard Nixon. He is corrupt in the style of Chicago mob mayor Richard Daley Sr. (but Obama pretends to be otherwise and gullible people have believed him). As a democrat I do not have anyone to vote for in November as I will not support a candidate who has repeatedly lied to the American people (where was he born, has he ever had dual citizenship) and a party (DNC) who was complicit in those lies.